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Boston water taxi heading toward Boston Logan Airport / Boston Water Taxi -
Water taxi crossing Boston Harbor on the way to Logan Airport

Boston water taxis provide fast, convenient, fun, and affordable transportation across and around Boston Harbor.

Regular water taxi stops include Logan Airport, Black Falcon Cruise Terminal, TD Garden, the New England Aquarium, Faneuil Hall Marketplace, the USS Constitution at the Charlestown Naval Yard, Boston Harbor Hotel, the World Trade Center, and many, many more locations.

If you are flying into Boston Logan Airport and are staying in a hotel near the Downtown Waterfront, Seaport, Charlestown, or the North End, a water taxi will be the fastest way to get there. 

You'll typically reach your destination in 7-10 minutes, depending on the location - and you can't beat the view. 

Boston's two on-call water taxi services operate year-round.  All boats are covered during cold weather, heated, and provide comfortable seating.  Their aluminum hulls can even break through ice.

Both taxi fleets service provide excellent service to almost identical destinations and charge similar fares.  But, there are a few key differences to consider when you decide which one to call - so keep reading to see comparisons.

Find out how to take a water taxi from Logan Airport to Downtown Boston

Boston Discovery Guide Tips:

If you want to travel between two points on or near Boston's waterfront - for example, between CruisePort to Logan Airport, Fan Pier near the Children's Museum to Faneuil Hall Marketplace, or the Boston Harbor Hotel to a Celtics or Bruins game at TD Garden - a water taxi will almost always be your fastest option. 

But lots of visitors don't know about our water taxis - so think of them as an "insider's secret" that will minimize your time stuck in Boston traffic and maximize your fun and photo opportunities.


Essentials: Boston's Water Taxis Compared

Water Taxi Service Locations 

Even though Boston Harbor Cruises and Rowes Wharf Water Transport can take you to almost all locations along the waterfront, each has exclusive landing rights at wharfs near their ticket offices.

As a result, only Boston Harbor Cruises docks at Long Wharf, next to the Long Wharf Marriott Hotel and the New England Aquarium.

And similarly, only Rowes Wharf taxis stop at Rowes Wharf, next to the Boston Harbor Hotel and directly across the Greenway from Boston's Financial District.  

Of course, Boston is quite compact so you may think this doesn't matter.  But when you're towing a suitcase or two and staying at the Long Wharf Marriott or the Boston Harbor Hotel, you'll appreciate being as close as possible.

Check out the Massport map below to see all the possible stops.  But if you're not sure which is best, just tell the boat captain your destination, and then sit back and relax, knowing you'll be delivered to the closest dock.

What if you don't see your destination on the map?  Both companies service the entire Boston waterfront - so as long as your target location is on or near the water, a water taxi can get you there. 

Photo of sign for Boston water taxi near InterContinental Hotel Boston - looking across Ft Point Channel to Moakley Courthouse / Boston Water Taxi -
Water taxi boarding area on Rowes Wharf near the Boston Harbor Hotel for service to Logan International Airport - or anywhere else around the waterfront


Boston Water Taxi Fares: How Much Will They Cost You?

Both companies charge similar rates, with minor differences based on target location and other factors. 

Although both companies have ticket offices on the waterfront, you don't need to get tickets in advance for water taxi service - just pay the boat captain once you're on board.

Boston Harbor Cruises charges $12 each way for all stops on the Massport map, except for the Black Falcon Pier (where cruise boats dock), which is $18. 

Tickets for children (3-11) are $2, and those under 3 ride free with a paying adult.

BHC also offers a 10-ride pass for $90, which gives you a hefty savings if you're staying at one of the Boston Logan Airport hotels.  You can use it for up to 2 passengers at a time.

If you have a same-day ticket for another BHC ferry or cruise excursion, you'll get a reduced rate.

If you need service to a location not shown on the map, call them at 617-227-4320 to find out the fare and availability.

Rowes Wharf Water Transport also charges $12 for the 7-minute trip from Boston Logan Airport to Inner Harbor locations (basically, Downtown, the North End, Seaport, East Boston where the airport is located), and offers a round-trip ticket for $20. 

Fares to the Black Falcon Cruise Terminal in South Boston and Charlestown locations are $20 one way, and $35 round trip.

You can get 2-day passes ($25 individual; $50 family with 2 adults and up to 3 children).  These are a terrific deal, especially if you're staying at one of the Boston Logan hotels.

If you are arriving on a cruise ship at the Black Falcon Terminal, be sure to check out their special deal for cruise passengers.

As a special benefit, Rowes Wharf water taxi passengers with round-trip tickets can store bags for free during the day in Rowes Wharf Transport's locked storage room at their ticket office next to the Boston Harbor Hotel. 

One-way passengers can also store bags here for the day for $8/person.

Photo of sign for Boston water taxi near InterContinental Hotel Boston - looking across Ft Point Channel to Moakley Courthouse / Boston Water Taxi -
Water taxi boarding area on the Boston Waterfront - that's the Moakley Federal Courthouse in the background


How to Get Water Taxi Service

Water taxis are an ON CALL service - so in most cases, if you want to ride on one, you need to call to request pickup. 

However - if you are arriving at Boston Logan Airport, the process can be slightly different. 

Hop on a free #66 Shuttle Bus outside your terminal and take it to Boston Logan Dock.  Once you arrive at the dock, the Dispatcher will call on your behalf. 

Typically, a water taxi will arrive at the dock within 5-10 minutes.  But if you want faster service, you can call the company you want to use as soon as you get on the shuttle. 

More about water taxi service from the airport


Boston Harbor Cruises Contact Information

Days/hours of operation:  365 days/year; Monday-Saturday, 6:30am - 10pm; Sunday 6:30am - 8pm
Call for service:  617-227-4320
Ticket office location:
  Long Wharf, next to the Long Wharf Marriott and across from the Aquarium

For more information and complete list of destinations:  website

Extra benefit:  Boston Harbor Cruises offers lots of other fun excursions to enjoy duriing your trip: 

Boston Harbor Cruises Ticket Center at Long Wharf
Boston Harbor Cruises Ticket Center at Long Wharf - you can see the edge of the New England Aquarium on the right, and the Boston Marriott Long Wharf Hotel (not shown) is on the left


Rowes Wharf Water Taxi Contact Information

Days/hours of operation:  365 days/year
Call for service:  617-406-8584.
Ticket office location:   Rowes Wharf, behind the Boston Harbor Hotel

For more information:  website

Extra benefit: Rowes Wharf Water Taxi will store your luggage for you for free in their locked storage room when you use their Water Taxi service to and from Logan Airport

Water taxi in front of the Rowes Wharf Ferry Terminal / Ticket Office

Water taxi in front of the Rowes Wharf Ferry Terminal / Ticket Office


Boston Water Taxi Destination Map

 Map showing Boston water taxi stops around Boston waterfront and Boston Logan Airport/
Map courtesy of Massport

This map shows the 20+ destinations around Boston Harbor which you can reach by water taxi. 

You'll see signs at each location showing you where to board. 

Remember, the water taxis are an ON CALL service - so if you want to ride on one, you need to call to request pickup.  The only exception to this is at Boston Logan Dock, where the Dispatcher will call on your behalf. 


Inner Harbor Water Taxi Destinations -

Places to Visit Near Each Stop

  • Logan Airport (East Boston) / Hyatt Harborside, Hilton Boston Logan Airport / Embassy Suites at Logan Airport
  • Boston Ship Yard & Marina (East Boston)
  • Black Falcon Cruise Terminal (South Boston Waterfront) / EDIC dock with boat to Thompson Island / Boston Design Center
  • Blue Hills Bank Pavilion / (South Boston Waterfront)
  • World Trade Center (South Boston Waterfront) / Boston Convention and Exhibition Center / Westin Boston Waterfront Hotel / Seaport Hotel / Renaissance Boston Waterfront Hotel / Spirit of Boston cruises / Institute of Contemporary Art
  • Anthony's Pier 4 Restaurant (South Boston Waterfront)
  • Fan Pier (South Boston Waterfront) / Moakley Federal Courthouse / Daily Catch Restaurant
  • Barking Crab Restaurant (South Boston Waterfront)
  • Children's Museum (South Boston Waterfront)
  • InterContinental Hotel (Downtown Boston; closest stop to South Station, Downtown Crossing, Langham Hotel, Post Office Square)
  • Rowes Wharf (Downtown Boston) / Boston Harbor Hotel / Downtown Financial District
  • Central Wharf / New England Aquarium  (Downtown Boston)
  • Long Wharf (Downtown Boston) / Marriott Long Wharf Hotel, Faneuil Hall Marketplace / Boston Harbor Cruises / Provincetown Connection / Waterboat Marina
  • Yacht Haven Marina (North End)
  • Commercial Wharf (North End)
  • Lincoln Wharf (North End)
  • Lewis Wharf (North End) / Sargent's Wharf / Pilot House
  • Burroughs Wharf (North End)
  • Fairmont Battery Hotel Wharf (North End)
  • Constitution Wharf (North End) / U.S. Coast Guard Station
  • Lovejoy Wharf / North Station / TD Garden
  • Tudor Wharf (Charlestown) / Residence Inn Marriott / Constitution Marina
  • Pier 4 in Charlestown / Charlestown Navy Yard / USS Constitution / Flagship Wharf
  • Shipyard Quarters Marina (Charlestown)
  • Boston Harbor Islands
  • JFK Library (Dorchester)

Photo of Boston Water Taxi drop-off point
Water taxi pulling up at on Boston waterfront


Water Taxi Special:  Black Falcon Cruise Terminal to Boston Logan Airport

Are you arriving on a cruise ship at the Black Falcon early in the day, flying out of Boston Logan later, and want to spend the time in between sightseeing?  And storing your luggage somewhwere?

The easiest and also the cheapest way to accomplish all this is to take advantage of Rowes Wharf Water Taxi's cruise ship special.

For $25/person, a Rowes Wharf water taxi will pick you up at the Black Falcon Cruise Terminal, take you to Rowes Wharf just a few minutes away, store your luggage for free in their locked storage room while you explore the city, and then take you over to the airport for your flight home. 

To arrange this service, call their office at 617-261-6620, or the water taxi captain at 617-406-8584.



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