What are Boston travel planning essentials?  In a nutshell:  Everything you need to know when you're planning to visit Boston and once you get here.

Essential information for planning your trip includes:

Top photo:  Visitor Information Center on Boston Common (139 Tremont Street) - Where Boston's Freedom Trail begins, (c) Boston Discovery Guide

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Planning & Getting Ready for Your Trip

Here are all the planning tools and information you need:

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More about Boston 

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Getting Around Boston

Here are our most popular articles about how to get around Boston, parking in the city, and easy ways to get to other key destinations:

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Sightseeing Around Boston

Here three popular ways to see the city and top attractions:

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More Ways to Experience Boston:

Luggage Storage - Logan Airport & Cruise Port Visitors

Do you have an airport or cruise layover, and want to store your luggage for the day while you explore the city?  Here is information about your best options:

Weather, Cruise Port Visitors, and Lobster Tips

How to Find a Cheap Boston Hotel

Boston hotel rates can be high - sometimes very high.  How can you find affordable hotel rates for your visit?

The quickest way to find hotels with the cheapest rates is to enter your travel dates on this Boston hotel map from Booking.com.  Zoom in with the + button if nececessary, and you should be able to see at a glance which hotel (and apartments and short-stay rentals) offer the lowest rates:


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Fun Ways to See Boston