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Boston Discovery Guide is an independent website. We are not part of a government tourist office, travel agency, cruise company, or any other travel-related business.  We do not accept or publish paid content.  We have sole control over the editorial content included on the site.  

Boston Discovery Guide is reader supported.  We cover our expenses through advertising and affiliate relationships.  When you buy through links on the website, we may earn an affiliate commission.  For example, we affiliate with Google to display their ads ("Adsense"), and in return they provide a share of their advertising fee to us when an ad is clicked.  As an Amazon Associate, we earn from qualifying purchases.  Other affiliate relationships may compensate Boston Discovery Guide with a commission if you purchase their products after clicking on links in texts or images on the pages.  These commissions enable us to provide all the free content on this website, and continue adding to it without requiring a subscription or membership fee to access the website's content. 

In the case of Google Adsense,Google selects the ads they show, so if you see an ad related to a topic that we've written about, its content reflects their ad placement choice, not ours.  They show different ads in different locations, so we don't see the same ads that you do.

In addition to Adsense, you may see other ads on the website. We do our best to make sure that ads look like ads, and won't be mistaken for content.  You may also see links to our affiliates, as well as to companies that are not affiliates.  We decline paid endorsements, as well as ads from companies that don't meet our quality criteria.  We also decline all requests to publish promotional content written by others on the site.  We do not sell links.

We choose affiliates based on our belief that they deliver excellent value and in most cases have first-hand experience with them. 

For example, we book our own tours in Paris and other locations through Get Your Guide and Viator because they work with top tour companies in each location; we've always had positive experiences with them, and believe that you will too.  We book hotels through and, and use CityPASS when we travel to other cities.   We book concert, sports, and other event tickets through TicketLiquidator, TicketNetwork, StubHub, Viagogo, and Ace Tickets.  We shop for travel guide books as well as many other travel-related items through Amazon.

Boston Discovery Guide's current major affiliate partners include:

  • AceTickets - Large Boston-based ticket reseller, offering tickets to all kinds of events and a 200% guarantee on every ticket they sell
  • Amazon - Competitive prices, excellent selection, and sometimes free shipping. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to
  • - Prints of Boston
  • CityPASS - Discount card for top Boston attractions
  • Classic Harbor Lines - Fun and informative Boston Harbor cruises 
  • Expedia - Excellent selection of travel packages and accommodations, often at discount prices
  • Get Your Guide - Tours to interesting places with top-notch guides and transportation
  • Goldstar Events - Get a free "membership" to access half-price deals on entertainment, sports, local cruises
  • Google Adsense - Ads for Boston events, restaurants, hotels, etc .(and whatever else they display)
  • Priceline - Excellent selection of travel packages and accommodations, often at discount prices
  • StubHub - Event tickets reseller; excellent guarantee
  • TicketLiquidator - Event tickets reseller; excellent guarantee
  • TicketNetwork - Event tickets reseller; excellent guarantee
  • Travelocity - Excellent selection of travel packages and accommodations, often at discount prices
  • TripAdvisor - Good source of hotel reviews by visitors
  • Trusted Tours - Tours to interesting places with top-notch guides and transportation
  • Viagogo - Event tickets reseller; excellent guarantee
  • Viator - Tours to interesting places with top-notch guides and transportation

Please note that we do not accept direct advertising on  

Thank you for visiting Boston Discovery Guide - and enjoy your trip to Boston!

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