Boston cruises give you a fun and memorable way to view the city from the water, plus experience other exciting sights you'd get to see close-up from land:  whales and dolphins, historic lighthouses, some of the more distant Harbor Islands, and even the close-up thrill of tall ship sails snapping in the breeze.

Most of Boston's river and harbor cruises do double-duty, letting you sightsee from a unique perspective while you enjoy a gourmet dinner or lunch, learn about the architecture and history of waterfront buildings from the on-board guides, visit Cape Cod and Provincetown, and see famous sights such as the Bunker Hill Monument and the famous War of 1812 battleship, the USS Constitution. 

So pick your cruise, and get ready for an unforgettable experience!

Photo credit:  Cruise boat on a sightseeing tour around Boston Harbor, (c) Boston Discovery Guide

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1.  Whale Watching Cruises from Boston

Frolicking whales and sea birds seen during a whale watching cruise from Boston
Frolicking whales and sea birds seen during a whale watching cruise from Boston

As your whale watching cruise boat whisks you 25 miles east of Boston to Stellwagen Bank Marine Sanctuary, you'll enjoy city skyline views and the beautiful Harbor Islands. 

Although the cruise out to Stellwagen Bank is spectacular, once you're there, the real fun begins as you watch the whales, dolphins, other sea mammals, birds, and fish come close to your boat. 

Not surprisingly, lots of Boston visitors consider these cruises to be the most exciting part of their trip to Boston.

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2.  Duck Tours

Duck boats cruising the Charles River
Duck boats cruising the Charles River

Boston Duck Tours take you on a unique adventure - a sure winner when you want to combine sightseeing with fun.

Part on land, part in the water, Duck Tours take you past iconic historic and modern sights.  For many passengers, the best moment is when you splash down in the Charles River.

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3.  Boston Harbor Cruises

Boston Harbor cruise boat pulling up to the dock
Boston Harbor cruise boat pulling up to the dock

Boston Harbor cruises offer you a fun way to appreciate the city's most important historic sites, see the Harbor Islands, and enjoy city skyline views from the water. 

If you have a special maritime interest, such as lighthouses or tall ships, Boston probably has a Harbor cruise that specializes in it.  In addition, other cruises offer added entertainment, such as gourmet lunches and dinners, music and dancing, sunsets and romance.

Most Harbor cruises last from about 45 minutes to 2 or 3 hours.  This means that even if you only have a small amount of time, you may still be able to fit one into your schedule. 

Boston Harbor Cruises on the Northern Lights & Adirondack III

From historic sightseeing cruises to cruises with live music to special holiday cruises, the Northern Lights yacht and tall ship Adirondack III offer lots of Boston Harbor tour choices:

 Popular Cruises on the Northern Lights:

  • Northern Lights Sunset Cruise - Grab a refreshments from the bar and then relax as you watch the sun set on this sail around the Harbor, just in time to catch the USS Constitution fire its cannons as the sun dips down past the horizon
  • Brunch Cruise on the Northern Lights - Savor a delicious 3-course brunch on this relaxing sightseeing cruise around Boston Harbor
  • Boston Harbor Cruise on Northern Lights - Soak up Boston's unique sites and rich history on this comfortable sightseeing cruise around the Harbor - perfect friends and family experience!  Food and beverages available for purchase at the bar

Sailing on the Adirondack III:

  • Adirondack III Day Sail - Enjoy cool breezes and the afternoon sun on this relaxing sightseeing sail around Boston Harbor and the Inner Harbor Islands - Starts May 2
  • Adirondack III Sunset Sail - Relax as the setting sun turns the sky brilliant colors - Starts May 2
  • Adirondack III 90-Minute Mimosa Day Sail - Soak up the sun on this afternoon sail through the Inner Harbor and Harbor Islands with drinks available for purchase at the bar - Starts July 6

Mothers Day Cruise

Fun Book Your July 4th Cruises Now (because they sell out far in advance)!

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4.  Fall Foliage Cruises

Fall foliage along the New England coast
Fall foliage along the New England coast - Photo credit:  AdobeStock/nyker

Some of us dream all year about going on a fall foliage cruise, and it's easy to understand why . . .

Imagine brilliant crimson, orange, and golden foliage splashed against the rugged New England and eastern Canadian coastlines, layered between brilliant blue sky and even bluer water.

Choose short 1-2 hour cruise, a day cruise, or something longer.

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5.  Charles River Cruises

View of Boston skyline from a Charles River cruise
View of Boston skyline from a Charles River cruise

A Charles River cruise shows you Boston and Cambridge from a completely different perspective. 

On the Boston side of the river, you'll pass Beacon Hill, Back Bay, and even one of Boston's quirkiest landmarks, a vintage Citgo sign. 

And on the Cambridge side of the river, you'll view the Charles River Locks, MIT, Harvard, and the Museum of Science.

Four different Charles River cruise experiences are available ...

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6.  Lunch, Brunch, & Dinner Cruises

Relaxing over a before-dinner drink on the deck of the Odyssey
Relaxing over a before-dinner drink on the deck of the Odyssey

Going on a Boston dinner cruise - or lunch or brunch cruise - is a favorite with visitors and locals. Not only do you get to enjoy a delicious gourmet meal, but you'll also have a memorable voyage around the Harbor or Charles River and see gorgeous scenery. 

On some Boston dinner cruises, you'll even enjoy DJs and dancing - or perhaps celebrate a special occasion such as Mother's Day or New Year's Eve.

Because of the size of the luxury vessels used for the dinner cruises, they happen year-round, regardless of the weather.

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7.  Cruises to Provincetown

Provincetown beach
Provincetown beach

A whole different world awaits you on Cape Cod...and the easiest way to get there is by water.

Take a fast ferry from Boston to Provincetown, and you'll be stepping on shore in 90 minutes - perfect for a day trip or weekend away. 

The Provincetown ferry runs daily from May - October, and you can choose from 2 convenient departure locations in Boston.

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8.  Cruises to Boston Harbor Islands

Boston Harbor Islands at sunset
Boston Harbor Islands at sunset

Hop on a Boston Harbor Islands cruise, and in only 15 minutes, you can be in another world.

The Harbor Island National Park Area includes 32 islands and 2 coastal peninsulas in Boston's Inner and Outer Harbors.  You'll find a rich assortment of activities sponsored by local groups, a 19th century fort to explore, sandy beaches, hiking trails, campgrounds, and some of the best views of the Boston skyline. 

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9.  Codzilla

Codzilla, the Terror of the Harbor
Codzilla, the Terror of the Harbor

Speed, spinning turns, loud rock music blaring from 30 on-board speakers, and the crew's comic routine involving pirates and mutant cod make Codzilla the wildest ride in the Harbor.

The Codzilla cruise is not for the faint of heart - but if you're looking for a unique cruise experience that combines sightseeing with fun - and you don't mind getting wet - this may be the Boston Harbor tour for you.

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10.  Tall Ship Cruises

Boston Duck tour "splashing down" into the Charles River for the boat portion of the adventure
Adirondack III schooner sailing into late afternoon sun on Boston Harbor
Photo courtesy of massmatt, cc by 2.0

The romance of billowing white sails against blue skies . . . the excitement of being on an actual tall ship, a windjammer schooner that's a replica of mid-19th century Baltimore clippers . . . the adventure of exploring coastlines and open waters . . .

You'll get all of this and much more on a sailing cruise on Boston's own tall ships - the Adirondack III and the Liberty Fleet.  You'll also find plenty of specialty cruises on these magnificent tall ships - Champagne cruises, sunset cruises, sightseeing tours of the coastline.  So sit back, relax, and enjoy your memorable tall ship experience.

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11.  Vacation Cruises from Boston

Pink sand beach in Bermuda - a popular cruise destination from Boston
Pink sand beach in Bermuda - a popular cruise destination from Boston - Photo credit:

Boston is a major port city, and a favorite departure point for vacation cruises going to Bermuda, other New England ports, Canada, the Caribbean, and even Europe.  

The convenient location of Boston's Cruise Port makes going on these cruises especially easy and fun. 

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12.  Water Taxis

Water taxi getting heading toward the dock
Water taxi getting heading toward the dock

You're flying into Boston Logan Airport and staying in a Downtown Boston hotel . . . so you take a cab from the airport, right? 

Wrong!  You take a water taxi . . . faster, cheaper, and much more fun!   And what a view!

Several companies provide on-call water taxi service to a number of locations - they'll zip you to most spots in 10 minutes or less.   Think of this as one of the best Boston mini cruises!

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