Two different types of prepaid discount cards are available for Boston, and each gives you the opportunity to save money on popular attractions, museums, tours, sightseeing trolleys, and cruises.

How much can you save?

Potentially, quite a lot.  Savings vary based on how many times you use the card within the card's valid time period and which attractions you choose - but you can save up to 50% with the Go City Boston All-Inclusive Pass and up to 45% with the Boston CityPASS.

But with two options available, how do you choose the Boston discount card that's best for you? 

How can you determine how much you'll really save by getting one?

In this article, we give you details about how each card works as well as other options for saving on top Boston attractions if these cards don't fit your needs.

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Boston Sightseeing Discount Cards - The Big Picture

Both Boston discount cards work basically the same way:  You buy the card, and then you use it to get free admission during a set time period to the attractions it covers.

In most cases, you get to go straight to the head of the line (this can be a huge time saver at the most popular places such as the New England Aquarium), and you'll get some freebies, such as maps and additional discount coupons.

However, each card gives you different options and choices, and different savings.  When you understand what each one offers, you can pick the one that's best for you.

Go City Card Boston - How It Works

Go Boston Card
GoCity Card with Boston skyline (Photo courtesy of GoCity)

Go City Boston All-Inclusive Card give you free admission to 40+ top Boston attractions, tours, museums, day trips, and cruises.

You save up to 50%. 

No need to figure out what you want to do in advance - just choose how many consecutive days you want to use your card. 

You can get a card for 1, 2, 3, 5, or 7 days, and visit as many sites as you want during that time.  Children's passes are also available. 

Go City Boston All-Inclusive Passes work best for energetic travelers who want to visit lots of attractions within a short period of time.  

Also highly recommended if you want to visit top attractions close to Boston in historic Salem, Concord, or Plymouth.

How Much Can You Save with the All-Inclusive Boston City Card?

You'll potentially save the most when you get the 7-day All-Inclusive Go Boston card, visit multiple destinations each day, and choose the more expensive options such as the Fenway Park Tour, Boston Sunset Cruise, Plimouth Plantation, Museum of Fine Arts, 2-Day Hop On Hop Off sightseeing trolley, just to name a few! 

(Please note - included attractions and savings may change without prior notice, and some activities are seasonal and therefore not available during our coldest winter weather.)

Pricing varies based on the number of days you select.  You can sometimes get the cards on sale, especially if you want a card for 3, 5, or 7 days.  

Check prices & buy your pass

How Can You Benefit with a Go City Explorer Pass?

Go City offers another appealing savings option if you want to visit just 2 to 5 Boston attractions: the Explorer Pass.

How does it work?  When you have the Boston Explorer Pass, you choose 2, 3, 4, or 5 activities.

Unlike the All-Inclusive Boston pass which you must use within a set number of days, the Explorer Pass gives you 60 days (starting from the first day you use it) to visit your chosen attractions. 

The pass itself it valid for a period of 2 years from the purchase date, which is a sweet deal.  This means that if you know you're going to visit Boston at some point within the next two years, you can buy it now and lock in today's price. 

Find out more and buy your Explorer Pass discount card

Boston CityPASS - How It Works

Boston CityPASS Discount Card
Boston CityPass and Boston skyline (photo courtesy of Boston CityPASS)

Boston CityPASS gives you entrance to 4 top attractions over a 9-day period while letting you save up to 45% of the regular admission cost - almost half off. 

How it works:  Buy the Boston CityPASS and use it during a period of 9 consecutive days. 

With this card, you get to go at your own pace during the 9 days, with no need to rush. 

What Attractions Can You Visit with the Boston CityPASS Card?

Boston CityPASS gives you free admission to: 

  • New England Aquarium
  • Museum of Science
  • And your choice of any two of these top attractions:  Franklin Park Zoo, Harvard Museum of Natural History, Boston Harbor City Cruises, or View Boston Observation Deck  

You can save money with Boston CityPASS even if you go to only 3 of the attractions. 

But you'll probably want to go to all 4 because these truly are top Boston attractions. 

Please note - included attractions and savings may change without prior notice, and Boston Harbor Cruises may not be available during our coldest winter weather.  The zoo, however, is normally open all year, and surprisingly pleasant during the winter.

Save up to 45% on top Boston attractions by getting the Boston CityPASS card

Which Boston Discount Card is Best for You?

Both discount cards can save you substantial money, plus they save you time because at the busiest places like the New England Aquarium and Museum of Science, you go straight to the front of the line, past everyone else who is having to wait 30 minutes or an hour to get their tickets. 

Choose the All-Inclusive Go Boston Card if:

  • You want to see 2, 3, or more attractions each day for 1 or more consecutive days
  • You like the mix of museums, cruises, tours, and top attractions including those outside of the Boston Metro area such as Plimouth Plantation

Choose the Go City Explorer Pass if:

  • You want to see 2, 3, or more attractions each day for 1 or more consecutive days
  • You like the mix of museums, cruises, tours, and top attractions

Choose the Boston CityPASS discount card if:

  • You prefer a more leisurely pace where you can see your choices during a 9-day period
  • You want to visit all or most of the 4 top attractions offered by the card

What If You Have Time for Only 1 or 2 Attractions?

When time is limited, even a 1-day Go City Boston pass may be more than you need. 

Conversely, if you're in Boston for awhile, you may prefer to set your own pace and visit one attraction per week, or whatever. 

To buy tickets in advance (and bypass most lines) from one online location, check out Get Your Guide's tickets for tours, cruises, museums, and attractions.  

Plus, you'll find lots more activities and attractions that the Go City Boston and Boston CityPASS don't cover.

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