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How Our Changeable Weather Conditions Might Impact Your Boston Travel Plans

Lagoon in Boston Public Garden - photo taken November 7, 2009 - Temperature 50 degrees / Boston Weather -
The Lagoon in Boston's Public Garden in November

Boston weather can be unpredictable from one moment to the next. 

To help you know what to pack and what to expect, take a look at the average Boston temperatures for each month along with record highs and lows in the chart below.

Sure, we have plenty of glorious days with blue skies and sunshine throughout the year.

Even January has attractive moments. 

On the other hand, Boston travel sometimes includes "weather adventures" such as:

  • Howling nor'easters
  • Blinding blizzards
  • Torrential downpours
  • An occasional hurricane

Fortunately, a local saying sums up it up accurately: "if you don't like the weather in Boston, just wait one moment."  

Summer thunderstorms end quickly.   Bitter January cold abruptly gives way to a few sunny days in the 50s.  Brilliant sunshine follows on the heel of a storm.

However, if you're planning Boston travel, you need to be prepared for the extremes you might occasionally encounter.

Our coastal location can create unpredictable weather patterns and cause rapid changes in temperature and other conditions.  

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Boston weather and temperatures by month

This chart shows you average monthly Boston temperatures and other weather statistics. 

Pay special attention to record highs and record lows.  Sure, these are the extremes - but in plenty of other years, temperatures can come close to these highs and lows - so when you're packing for your trip, be prepared!

You'll also notice that precipitation is fairly evenly distributed among all the months of the year.   We get between 3 and 4 inches of precipitation every month except for February, which of course has only 28 days. 

Keep in mind that in below-freezing weather, a few inches of precipitation translate into a lot more inches of snow!

Average Monthly Temperatures for Boston

  Average High Average Low Record High Record Low
72° (1950)
-30° (1946)
3.46 inches
70° (1985)
-18° (1934)
2.87 inches
89° (1998)
-8° (1872)
3.71 inches
94° (1976)
11° (1874)
3.39 inches
97° (1880)
31° (1882)
3.51 inches
100° (1952)
41° (1945)
3.25 inches
104° (1911)
50° (1988)
3 inches
102° (1975)
46° (1940)
3 inches
102° (1881)
34° (1914)
3.14 inches
90° (1963)
25° (1936)
3.78 inches
83° (1950)
-2° (1875)
3.58 inches
76° (1998)
-17° (1933)
3.48 inches


Want to Find Out More about Boston Weather?

To give you a more specific idea of what to expect on a month-by-month basis, here are Boston weather overviews with plenty of photos to show you what Boston looks like each month, along with activity suggestions:

  • January weather - Very cold, usually clear . . . unless snow is falling . . . or the weather turns warm
  • February weather - Lots of snow . . . except when warmer days cause it to melt
  • March weather - Cold and blustery . . . but days grow longer and the temperature rises, and skies are a brilliant blue
  • April weather - Giddy excitement sweeps the city as spring begins to arrive and trees burst into bloom
  • May weather - Activities move outdoor, as flowering plants and breath-taking magnolias put on a show
  • June weather - "Perfect" sums it up . . . except for bursts of humidity and rain
  • July - Hot! Cruise around the Boston Harbor Islands or head to the beach
  • August - Lazy, steamy, hot days . . . markets overflow with ripe produce, and sidewalk tables fill up outside every restaurant
  • Boston weather in September - Air is warm and dry, sky is blue . . . a month of sparkling days
  • October - Dry, warm days full of autumn colors . . . although we occasionally get snow toward the end of the month
  • November weather - Gorgeous days . . . but colder, with a nip in the air . . . winter is coming
  • December weather - Days turn short and cold; brilliant sunshine competes with snow
Boston Activities for Rain & Snow


Want a seasonal overview?  Check here.

If you're training for the Boston Marathon or running in it, check out the Boston Marathon weather history.  Of course not every year is the same - but you may be surprised by how much they vary.

And finally, you can also check the weather forecast for Boston for today.


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