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See the Best of Boston - And Have Fun!!!

Guide to best Boston sightseeing tours - photo shows a Boston Duck Tour
Guided bike tours - Great choice for families

These Boston tours for kids provide fun for everyone - and you'll see some of the best Boston sights at the same time. 

Let's face it...traveling as a family can require some extra planning when you're hoping to entertain your children AND yourself. 

Fortunately, these tours make sightseeing easy - and your kids will have so much fun that they won't even realize how much they're learning!

Tour Plimouth Plantation and the Boston Tea Party Museum to see history come to life.  Explore the city's most charming neighborhoods and famous sites during a guided bicycle tour for the whole family.

Hop on a trolley and sit back and relax as the guide shows you the sites.  Or cruise over to the USS Constitution, also known as "Old Ironsides" for a free tour. 

Need total flexibility?  Check out our recommendations for self-guided tours to favorite kids attractions in two of our most historic parks. the Public Garden and Boston Common.

Remember . . . when your kids have fun, you will too!


Boston Tea Party Ships and Museum Tours

Photo of Boston Freedom Trail tour guideKids love the guided 1-hour tour of the Boston Tea Party Ships and Museum, which takes you back to the momentous December night in 1773 when the Sons of Liberty touched off the American Revolution with their tea party in Boston Harbor. 

See one of the tea chests, watch a reenactment of the event, and explore the authentically recreated ships.  You can even learn how to brew tea and then enjoy a cup in Abigail's Tea Room.

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Boston Bike Tours for Kids (and the Whole Family)

Boston Trolley sightseeing toursJoin a small bike tour led by an experienced guide for a fascinating morning or afternoon touring Boston's gorgeous historic neighborhoods. 

Along the way, your knowledgeable guide will tell you about the famous sights, such as Fenway Park, the Italian North End, the Rose Kennedy Greenway, the Esplanade, Beacon Hill, and Copley Square. 

Your kids will enjoy the ride - and you'll get a great introduction to the unique charms of each part of the city.

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Plimouth Plantation Tours

Photo of Lexington Minuteman Statue, Village Green - a stop on the TOtal Boston Experience Tour This seasonal tour (June - October) makes history come alive for your kids!

Imagine experiencing the 17th century world of the Pilgrims who landed in 1620.  Historically accurate Plimouth Plantation is a unique living museum where actors portray the actual Pilgrims who settled here and the Wampanoags who helped them survive.  

But that's not all.  You'll also visit Plymouth Rock and the Mayflower II, and explore the Plymouth waterfront on your own.

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Boston Duck Tours

Photo of City View Bike Tour at Fenway Park in BostonKids of all ages love the Boston Duck Tours, and what's not to love? 

You're in an enormous vehicle rolling through the streets of Boston with a ConDUCKtor telling you funny stories about Boston history and events - and then you splash down into the Charles River as the amphibious vehicle turns into a boat.  The ConDUCKtor may even offer to let your children steer!  One of the best Boston tours for kids AND grownups!

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USS Constitution and Boston Harbor Tour

Photo of City View Bike Tour at Fenway Park in BostonThis Boston Harbor cruise packs a lot into 45 minutes - unique views of Boston's historic North End, the Bunker Hill Monument, and the USS Constitution ("Old Ironsides), America's famous ship from the War of 1812. 

Get off and board the Constitution.  Crew members in 1812-style uniforms give you a free tour - easy to see why this is one of the most popular Boston tours for kids!

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Boston Trolley Tours

Boston Trolley sightseeing toursYou'll see colorful trolleys all Boston, dropping off and picking up riders at major attractions.  Young children love the trolley ride just for itself, but for older kids and you, the conductor's descriptions of sights along the way give you the perfect intro to the city.

Ride as long as you please - then hop off, explore a neighborhood or visit an attraction - and hop back on for more!

Look for cool extras with your trolley ticket - a free second day and a free Harbor cruise.

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More Boston Tour Suggestions for Younger Kids

Fortunately, younger children are easy to please when you want to go on a Boston tour (don't agree? just wait until you have teenagers!).  Almost any tour involving a certain amount of action will entertain them.

But if you really want to hedge your bets, try these self-guided tours to two of Boston's best-loved attractions.  

Public Garden - Make Way for Ducklings and Swan Boats

The Victorian-Era Public Garden is where you'll find lovely formal flower gardens plus two of Boston's most famous attractions: the Make Way for Ducklings sculptures made famous by the children's book featuring the Mallard family, and the Victorian-era pedal-powered Swan Boats gliding silently across the glassy surface of the Lagoon.

Photo of Make Way for Duckling Statues - sightseeing tour in  Boston's Public GardenEnter the Public Garden at the entrance at the west corner of Charles and Beacon Streets. 

Almost immediately as you walk along the path, you'll see the bronze ducklings and Mama Mallard on your left. 

These sculptures provide the perfect photo opportunity, especially if you have children of a certain age.

Photo of Swan Boat in Boston - a must for sightseeing toursContinue along the winding path and bear left. 

In front of you lies the Lagoon, a quiet artificial pond where Boston's Swan Boats have been providing the best ride in town since the 1800s.

Walk down, get tickets, and soon you'll be circling around Mallard Island, made famous by the Make Way for Ducklings book by Robert McCloskey. 

Photo of George Washington Statue by Thomas Ball - see on your tour of Boston's Public GardenYou'll see plenty of real mallards along the way, and if you're lucky, perhaps even the Lagoon's resident swans, Romeo and Juliet.

After your Swan Boat ride, walk across the bridge spanning the Lagoon, and admire the Public Garden's tranquil beauty. 

As you walk toward Arlington Street, you'll see a magnificent bronze statue of George Washington on horseback, considered one of the best in the country. 

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Boston Common: Carousel, Ice Skating, Spray Pool, Special Events

Photo of carousel in Boston Common - enjoy this when you tour Boston CommonUsed for cattle grazing by the first Puritans settlers, Boston Common is our "people's park," dedicated to recreation, occasional concerts, public events such as the Garden of Flags on Memorial Day weekend, and even theater when free Shakespeare on the Common productions attract thousands of viewers every July and August. 

Enter Boston Common at the entrance at the east corner of Charles and Beacon Streets.  Over to your left, a colorful carousel provides the best ride in town from April through October.  

You'll see Frog Pond on your tour of Boston CommonContinue walking up the hill with the tall monument, and just beyond the peak, you'll reach Frog Pond.  If you're visiting during the winter, rent a pair of skates and go for a spin. 

During the summer, the pond transforms into a spray pool.  If you're visiting with young children, pay a visit to the Tadpole Playground across from the pool.

Beyond the pond, toward Tremont Street, is a Colonial-era burying ground.  And the Common, like every other public space in Boston, is full of all sorts of statues and memorials. 

See the 54th Regiment Memorial when you tour Boston CommonTo see the most famous memorial, walk in the direction of the gold-domed Massachusetts State House where you'll see, right at the edge of Beacon Street, the Robert Gould Shaw and 54th Regiment Memorial. 

This wonderful sculpture by August Saint-Gaudens commemorates the bravery and sacrifices of the Afro-American regiment, the first to be recruited in the North for service in the Civil War.

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