Alternatives for Parking Garages near the Boston Marriott Copley Place

Boston Common Parking Garage

Boston Common Parking Garage

Question: I will be staying at the Marriott Copley Place in Boston for three days in March. Is there a garage close by that is cheaper than the hotel's parking? Thanks.

Susan's reply: Yes, depending on the timing of your visit and how far you're willing to walk, you can definitely find cheaper parking reasonably near the Boston Marriott Copley Place, with charges $35 per day with no in/out privileges and a whopping $46 for valet parking - and since you'd probably give a tip for valet parking, that would push this amount even higher.

Now, in fairness, these rates are not outrageous for this part of Boston - they're pretty much on par with most other options in Back Bay, which is not quite a pricey as downtown. Still, you can do better.

Depending on the days of the week that you'll be here and whether you want to park just overnight (meaning you'll be using your car during the day) vs leaving it in the garage for the whole time, your options vary a bit.

Generally speaking, your best options will probably be the Boston Common Parking Garage, which is about 6 blocks - maybe a 10 minute walk - away. It's literally located under Boston Common, and the walk between there and your hotel (corner of Huntington and Dartmouth) is quite nice, especially if you cut through the Public Garden.

Parking rates at the Boston Common Garage are $28 for a maximum of 24 hours. If you truly need just overnight parking, they have one of the most generous deals - $11 if you're in after 4 and out before 8. There's also a great weekend rate of effective $11/day, although check the timing carefully.

If you don't want to walk quite as far, the Hynes Auditorium Garage at 50 Dalton is only about 3 blocks from your hotel, although you won't save nearly as much. Rates for 12-24 hours run $32. There is an overnight rate of $14, but you have to be out the next morning by 6am - ouch!

Finally, one more choice even closer to your hotel is the Garage @ 100 Clarendon. They offer a terrific overnight rate of only $10 from 5pm - 7am. Daily rates are $33 - but "daily" here means only until 5am - after that, the clock starts over and you'll be charged an additional amount.

Personally, I would recommend the Boston Common Garage as it is really convenient to get in and out of, as well as being about the cheapest option. The walk to Copley Square really isn't that far, and it's a great way to see part of the city.

Have a great time in Boston!


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Dec 11, 2015
hotel parking rates
by: Anonymous

The Garage @ 100 Clarendon also has the following hotel parking rates:

Park for $28.00 for each 24 hour consecutive period.
Validations available at ALL BOSTON HOTELS - If parking ticket is not stamped, You MUST Present a valid paid hotel receipt to garage staff in order to receive validation.

Aug 16, 2015
Parking near Marriott Copley place
by: Sihem

Vert precise and helpful answer, thank you Susan!

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