Patriots' Day Reenactment Schedule - 2015

Where to find Boston Patriots' Day events

Colonial militia during Patriots' Day reenactment at Minute Man National Historic Park near Boston
Colonial militia during Patriots' Day reenactment at Minute Man National Historic Park

The Patriots' Day schedule includes dozens of major re-enactments of the first day of the American Revolution as local Militia and Minute Men companies commemorate the events of April 19, 1775 in Boston, Lexington, Lincoln, Arlington, Bedford, and Concord.

You'll be surprised by how realistic the reenactments feel. 

You may even forget you're in 21st century Boston as you relive the thrilling beginning of the Patriots' fight for freedom from British rule.

Although Massachusetts officially observes Patriots' Day on the 3rd Monday in April (April 20 in 2015), commemorative ceremonies and re-enactments take place throughout the month. 

Thousands of members of local minute men companies, militias, and historical societies participate in the re-enactments in Boston, the Minute Man National Historical Park, Concord's Old North Bridge, Lexington's Battle Green, and other historic sites in the Boston area.

The following Patriots' Day schedule highlights over 60 key events.  Many additional local events, parades, and ceremonies take place in and around Boston on Patriots' Day weekend. 

Patriots Day Schedule - Fife and Drum Corp, Lincoln Minute Men
Lincoln Minute Men - Fife and Drum Corps

Please note:  

We do our best to make sure that all dates, times, and locations on this page are accurate, but you may want to check directly with the event organizers.  You can find our sources for most Patriots Day schedules further down on this page in the Essentials box.  Schedules do sometimes change at the last minute, especially if the weather is stormy or torrential rain is predicted, so if in doubt, confirm before going.

If you belong to one of the participating groups and see information on this page that needs updating or correcting, please let me know!  Here's a BIG "Thanks!!!" to those of you who send me updates from time to time!


2015 Patriots' Day Schedule for Reenactments and Commemorations

Boston Discovery Guide strives to compile a complete list of Patriots' Day events so that you can easily see the full schedule. 

Before heading out to any of these events, please be sure to use the links to my information sources in the Essentials section to confirm dates/times, as weather, logistics, and other situations can and do cause last-minute changes. 

Also, please note that lots of different organizations perform reenactments, and the resulting mix of events doesn't necessarily follow the original sequence of events - for example, the reenactment of Paul Revere's capture takes place before the reenactment of his ride to warn Colonists about the approaching British.

Don't forget that the Boston Massacre, which took place in March 1770, triggered the first casualties in the revolt of the Colonists against the British.  You can see it reenacted at the Old State House in Boston (check our March events calendar for the exact date), and also visit the Boston Massacre memorial along the Freedom Trail.

Reenactment of Colonial militia during Patriots Day celebration near Boston
Patriot's Day reenactors at Minute Man National Historic Park


Saturday, April 11, 2015

10:30am, Bedford Parade and Pole Capping - Location:  99 School Way, Bedford - The Stow Minute Men, the Bedford Minuteman Company, and other Minute Men from throughout New England gather on Town Common and march while playing fifes and drums down The Great Road to Wilson Mill Park, where a Minute Man will proclaim freedom by shinnying up a 25-foot pole and putting a red cap on top of it in defiance of King George.  You make get to see Redcoats attempt to arrest the pole climber - but chances are good they won't succeed!  The parade ends about 11:30.

11am - 2pm, Meriam House Tours - Location: Meriam's Corner on Lexington Road, Concord

1pm, Meriam's Corner Exercise - Location:  Meriam's Corner on Lexington Road, Concord - Minute Men from area minute companies commemorate the fight at Meriam's Corner that began the Redcoats' 6-hour frantic running retreat back to Boston as they endured heavy fire from enraged Colonists along the way.  Back in 1775, the British withdrew from the North Bridge in Concord where they had skirmished with over 400 Minutemen, but by the time they arrived here at about 12:30pm, more than 1,100 Minutemen from over a dozen towns had gathered in the vicinity, ambushing the British along the way.  By the end of that first day, 49 Colonials and 73 British had been killed, with 173 wounded and missing.

2pm, Dress Rehearsal of the Lexington Skirmish on April 19, 1775 - Location:  Battle Green, Lexington Center - The Lexington Minute Men hold their dress rehearsal for the Patriots Day (Monday, April 20) reenactment of the April 19, 1775 skirmish.  Good day to come if you want to see some action but avoid the bigger crowds.  Plus, the actual event on Patriots Day takes place at 5am - so opt for the dress rehearsal if you prefer to relive the experience at a more civilized hour.  Rain date:  April 12 at 2pm.

3pm, Paul Revere Capture Ceremony - Location: Paul Revere Capture Site on Rt 2A, Minute Man National Historical Park (MMNHP), Lincoln - The Lincoln Minute Men will march down Battle Road and do a dramatic reading of the events of the night of April 19, 1775, when British troops captured Paul Revere in Lincoln, using the participants' own words.  Reenactors portray Revere, Samuel Prescott, William Dawes, Mary Hartwell, and Henry Wadsworth Longfellow.

Other reenactment units usually commemorate the event with fife and drum music, and a musket fire salute.

Acton Minutemen in reenactment ceremony near Paul Revere Capture Site
Acton Minutemen in reenactment ceremony near Paul Revere Capture Site


Saturday, April 18

8:00am - 12:30pm - Living History Event:  "Armed as According to Law" - presentation by Minute Men NHP and Concord Museum, featuring Captain David Brown's Company at North Bridge in Concord - see a near-full-strength minute company of about 40 men demonstrate drills and musket firing.  You can also stop by the Concord Museum to see actual artifacts from 1775.     

9am-4pm - Battle Green Guided Tours, Lexington Green (Mass Ave, across from Town Library) - Guides in Colonial clothing provided informal tours and information; check out the war memorial on the Green where 7 of the 8 Militia who died in battle on April 19th, 1775 are buried.

10am, Parker's Revenge - Lexington Minutemen Gather on Lexington Green - Location: Lexington Green. - In this reenactment of an event that took place AFTER the Battle of Lexington was fought on the morning of April 19, 1775, Captain Parker calls the Lexington Minutemen to arms at on Lexington Green and talks with Reverend Jonas Clarke, at whose house Samuel Adams and John Hancock had been hiding (more about that).  The Minutemen then march to the Parker's Revenge site on Route 2A in the Minute Man National Park for a wreath laying and musket salute that begins around 1:30pm-2pm near Fiske Hill in Lexington (see below).

The Minute Man National Historical Park hosts some of the biggest events of the weekend, including the Hartwell Tavern tours, Smith House demonstrations, and Bloody Angle demonstration activities outlined below.  There's plenty of well-marked parking in lots around the park, but wear sturdy walking shoes or boots. 

9:30am - 12 noon, Hartwell Tavern and Captain William Smith House, "Life on the Battle Road - See where the Patriots spent their leisure time, and get a glimpse of what life was like in Massachusetts at the beginning of the American Revolution.  Both the tavern and the house date back to before 1775.

10am - 4pm, Tours of historic Lexington sites:
Buckman Tavern (1 Bedford Street; every half hour), Hancock Clarke House (36 Hancock St; every hour), and Munroe Tavern (1332 Mass Ave, every hour).  Small admission fees apply; tickets available at each site.

10am-3pm, Patriot Fife and Drum at Paul Revere's House, 19 North Square, North End, Boston - Enjoy a lively musical concert of colonial music. Small admission fee applies.  See the Paul Revere House website for more events during school vacation week.

12 noon - approx 2pm, US Army "Old Guard" Patriotic Performance on Lexington Battle Green - Members of the US Army Drill Team, Old Guard Fife and Drum Corps, and Commander-in-Chief's Guard perform a precision demonstration.

1pm-4pm, Jason Russell House Tours - Location: 7 Jason Street (at Mass Ave), Arlington - Children's activities and refreshments served on the lawn.  The Menotomy Minutemen will demonstrate drilling and musketry, and discuss their gear.  The house will be open for tours (donation requested).

1:30pm, Parker's Revenge Battle Reenactment - Location: Near the Minute Man Visitor Center on Route 2A, Lexington) - After Captain Parker calls the Lexington Minutemen to arms earlier in the day on Lexington Green (see above), they march to the battle site for a salute near Fiske Hill (Lexington) at 1:30pm.  At 2pm, Captain Parker's Lexington militia will recreate their ambush on a British column conducted in revenge for their members who the British killed and wounded during the Battle on Lexington Green on the morning of April 19, 1775 (the photos on this page of reenactors on horseback are from this stirring event).

Colonial mother and children reenactors - Patriots Day Reenactment in Minute Man National Historic Park Spectators and Reenactors waiting for Parkers Revenge to begin Reenactors playing British troops returning to Boston after their unsuccessful trip to Concord, unaware that they are about to be ambushed Redbacks returning fire from Minute Men, who have ambushed them while hiding on a hilltop as payback for the Lexington Minutemen who the British killed earlier on their way to Lexington British troops in a running retreat back to Boston, trying to escape from the Minute Men who are still shooting at them from behind a hill Minute Man walking down Battle Road after ambushing the British at Parkers Revenge -

Reenactors playing British troops returning to Boston after their unsuccessful trip to Concord, unaware that they are about to be ambushed

Reenactors playing British troops return to Boston after their unsuccessful trip to Concord, unaware Captain Parker and the Lexington Militia are waiting to ambush them

"Seeing how the Minute Men hid behind a hill and ambushed the British brought this moment in history to life!  The British reenactors looked totally scared.  They tried to shoot back - and then they ran for their lives!  Our photos (below) will give you a small glimpse of this exciting event." 


3pm-4pm - British troops occupy Munroe Tavern (1332 Mass Ave, Lexington) - See the reenactment as they arrive during their retreat from Concord and tend to their wounded.  

4pm-5pm, Tower Park Battle Demonstrations - Location: Munroe Tavern and Tower Park, Mass Ave (opposite Pelham Road), Lexington - The Lexington Minute Men and Tenth Regiment of Foot reenactors demonstrate American Revolution battle techniques, tactics, and weapons in the amphitheater area. 

Essentials: Patriots Day Logistics and Schedule


  • Boston events - Parking garages near the North End - Better option: take the T to Haymarket
  • Concord, Lincoln, Lexington events - Parking areas are clearly marked near most of the major events.  If you're staying in Boston, you will need a car to get to these events - check out my recommendations for where to rent a car in Boston by the day or for just a few hours

Where to stay:
    Boston (close to North End events):         

    Concord/Lincoln/Lexington area:         

Patriots' Day schedule sources- Confirm dates/times here (you'll be taken to the event sponsor's website):  

  • Minute Man National History Park reenactments - Comprehensive list of Minute Man Park events, plus others in Concord and Lexington
  • Paul Revere House events - Many interesting demonstrations, story telling sessions, and reenactments
  • Lexington events - Information from the Lexington Historical Society about events taking place in Lexington
  • Concord events - Information from the Concord Chamber of Commerce
  • Battle Road Events - Good source of Patriots' Day schedule information around Lexington and Concord - plus, if you need information, perhaps for a school project, about authentic British or Colonial uniforms and other clothing worn at the time of the Revolutionary War, this website links to some excellent sources
  • Paul Revere's ride re-enactment - Times and routes for the re-enactment of Paul Revere's ride by the National Lancers 1836
  • Arlington events - Partial list of Patriots' Day events in Arlington, MA (enter "Patriots Day events" in the search box at the upper right to find the information)
  • Jason Russell House (Arlington) events
  • Stow Minutemen - If you want to learn about what Minutemen companies do, or find out about becoming a Minuteman (or Minutewoman), joining the fife and drum corps, or becoming a reenactor, check out this interesting website!
  • Acton Historical Society - Information about the Spirit of Acton 1775 & 1861 events and trolley

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Sunday, April 19

Reenactment of Colonial militia during Patriots Day celebration near Boston
Hartwell Tavern in Minute Man Historical National Park

3:45am (Wayland Center) and 5:30am (Sudbury Center), March to Concord from Wayland Reenactment - The Sudbury Companies of Militia and Minute reenact the historic march on April 19, 1775, from Wayland (which used to be called Sudbury) and then from Sudbury to Old North Bridge in Concord, where they arrive at approximately 11:30am and then fire a musket salute from the bridge.  They welcome you to join them or just watch them - but do note the times; also please note that you cannot fire your musket from North Bridge unless you've previously been vetted.  For more information, check the Sudbury Minute Men website.

6:00am, Dawn Salute at the North Bridge - Location:  North Bridge, Monument Street, Concord - The Concord Minute Men and Concord Independent Battery give a 21-gun musket and cannon salute to honor the opening battle of the American Revolutionary War.  The fife and drum corps of the 4th Battalion, 3rd U.S. Infantry Regiment, "The Old Guard," will be joining in the commemoration.

7:30am and 10:00am - Join the "Old Guard," the oldest U.S Army active-duty infantry regiment which has served since 1784, as they tell a story about American history beginning with the Revolutionary War and going to the present day.  Military music will accompany this event.

9am-4pm - Battle Green Guided Tours, Lexington Green (Mass Ave, across from Town Library) - See description for Saturday, April 19th.

10am - 4pm, Tours of historic Lexington sites:
Buckman Tavern (1 Bedford Street; every half hour), Hancock Clarke House (36 Hancock St; every hour), and Munroe Tavern (1332 Mass Ave, every hour).  Small admission fees apply; tickets available at each site.

11:30am (approximately) - Arrival of the Sudbury Militia and Minutemen at North Bridge, where they will fire 3 musket volleys as a soldierly salute in honor of their townsmen of 1775 who made a similar march on April 19.

Noon-4pm, Jason Russell House Tours - Location: 7 Jason Street (at Mass Ave), Arlington - Tour the home of Jason Russell (now a museum), where some of the fiercest fighting of the first day of the Revolutionary War took place (donation requested).

1pm-4pm, War Preparations at the Barrett Farm - How did the Colonists begin to prepare for war against the British?  In this fascinating glimpse into Colonel James Barrett's home, you'll be transported back to 1775 as you see the intense preparations as Colonel Barrett fulfilled his duties in safeguarding all of Concord's military supplies, even though the Redcoats searched his house.  Sit in on a Committee of Safety meeting, make some artillery cartridges, practice a new military exercise, and share your concerns with other local citizens.  Location:  448 Barrett's Mill Road, Concord.

1:45pm-3:30pm, Concert of 18th Century Fife and Drum Music and the Lincoln Salute - Hosted by the Lincoln Minute Men, the concert includes performances of 18th century folk tunes from all over Europe and works by major composers of that time period, with performances by a variety of fife and drum groups.  Location:  Pierce Park, Lincoln 

5pm, Reenactment of Robbins' Ride in Acton - Commemorates the ride by 13-year-old James Robbins, son of Captain Joseph Robbins, to spread the alarm throughout Acton.  Departure from the Robbins' Homestead (now the soccer fields at the bottom of Concord Road) at 5pm, and with stops at the following locations:  Isaac Davis Homestead (39 Hayward Road, about 5:20pm), Faulkner Homestead (5 High Street in S. Acton, at the corner of Route 27, at about 5:50pm), and Liberty Tree Farm (24 Liberty Street, South Acton, at about 6pm).

7pm - 8pm, Alarm and Muster of Lincoln Minute Men - Location:  White Church on Bedford Road across from the town library in Lincoln Center - The Lincoln Company of Minute Men reenact events that happened just after midnight in the early morning of April 19, 1775, including the arrival of Captain William Smith by horseback to ring the bell in the White Church to warn the Colonists that the British Regulars are coming.  The event includes historical explanations, period music, a musket salute, and of course, the reenactment. 

6:30pm (reception) and 8pm (ceremony), Lantern Lighting Service at Old North Church - Location:  Old North Church, Boston's North End - The Lantern Ceremony commemorates the hanging of lanterns to signal the British route to Concord, and includes a reading of Longfellow's poem Paul Revere's Ride, a recitation of Paul Revere's own account of the ride, fife and drum music, a Color Guard from the USS Constitution, and the commemorative hanging of two lanterns in the Old North Steeple.  Ticket and sponsorship information:, 617-523-4848

8pm - "In their Own Words" - a Dramatic Reading - Pilgrim Congregational Church, 55 Coolidge Ave, Lincoln - Costumed reenactors present readings by lantern light from documents written by people who were present for the events of April 18th and 19th, 1775.  Information and tickets ($10 adults, $5 children):  call 781-862-1703. 

8:30pm - The National Lancer Troops, with Paul Revere and William Dawes on horseback, arrive for the Lantern Lighting Ceremony at the Old North Church (193 Salem Street) in Boston's North End; tickets required; more info: 617-523-6676

10pm - Paul Revere, William Dawes, and National Lancers arrive in Lexington for the Hancock-Clarke House reenactment at 11:30

11:30pm - Paul Revere's Ride Reenactment - Hancock-Clarke House, 35 Hancock St, Lexington - Reenactment of Paul Revere's arrival at midnight at the Hancock-Clarke House, where John Hancock and Samuel Adams were hiding, and the dramatic reactions of the occupants when being warned that the British were coming.  Reenacted by the Lexington Minute Men and the National Lancers. 

Menotomy Minute Men with fifes and drums near Jason Russell House in Arlington, MA
Menotomy Minute Men with fifes and drums near Jason Russell House in Arlington, MA

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Refresh Your Memory of Boston's History Timeline

Tax Revolts and the Boston Massacre Boston Tea Party Begins Revolutionary War begins near Boston


Monday, April 20 - Official Patriots' Day Holiday

4:15am, March to Concord from Stow Reenactment - The Stow Minute Men gather at Stow Shopping Plaza at 4:15 and then march from Stow Lower Common to Old North Bridge, firing muskets and playing fifes and drums along the way to awaken the townsfolk, arriving in Concord about 9am and then joining the parade.  More about the Stow Minutemen

4:45am, Colonel John Robinson Trail March Reenactment - The Westford Colonial Minutemen reenact the 10-mile march made by the Westford militia and minute companies from Westford Town Common to Old North Bridge, where they join the Patriots' Day Parade.  They invite the public to join them for the walk, which reaches Concord at about 8am-9am.  If you decide to do this, make sure you have a ride back, bring plenty of water and snacks, and wear appropriate clothing (does not have to be colonial), as this march occurs rain or shine.   Check the Westford Colonial Minutemen website for possible updates, especially in the case of pouring rain.

5:30am, "The Alarm" at the Old Belfry (Mass Ave and Clarke Street next to Battle Green, Lexington) - Ring the bell to call the Minute Men from Buckman Tavern where they spent the night after hearing Paul Revere's warning about the approaching British. The ringing bell signals that the British indeed are coming.

5:30am, Battle on Lexington Green - Reenactment of the skirmish on Lexington Green (near Lexington Center) as the British Regulars passed through on their way to Concord, leaving dead and wounded behind on this first day of the American Revolution.  Features the Lexington Militia and the British regulars.  Note:  The actual battle on April 19, 1775 started at 4:30 pm, but the reenactment is pushed back by an hour.  Arrive early (4pm-5pm) to get a good viewing location.  Please note:  If you attend this event, the Lexington Police Department requests that you use clear or mesh bags to carry large personal items, and limit the use of backpacks and large containers.

At 5:45am on the Green, the Lexington Minute Men Company provides a 10-minute explanation about what you'll see as the battle unfolds.

At 6am, you'll begin to hear the Redcoats coming from the east side of the Green, and the Patriots coming from Buckman Tavern (that's the yellow building across the street from the Green).  Basically, the Patriots, led by Captain John Parker, block the path of the British.  Major Pitcairn, leader of the British troops, swings his sword and says, "Lay down your arms, you damned rebels" - and the war begins with the "shot heard 'round the world," - and many more following it, leaving 8 Minute Men dead and 10 wounded.  The British continue on toward Concord.

Menotomy Minute Men with fifes and drums near Jason Russell House in Arlington, MA
Acton Minutemen reenacting the march to the Old North Bridge on Patriots' Day

6am-10am - Pancake Breakfasts in Lexington - Locations:  St Brigid's Church (2001 Mass Ave), First Baptist Church (1580 Mass Ave), Church of Our Redeemer (6 Meriam St) - Like all important events in New England, the Battle of Lexington Reenactment will be followed by delicious reasonably-priced pancake breakfasts.  Whether you are a visitor or local, do not miss this quintessential New England experience!

5:30am, Acton Minutemen March to Old North Bridge - The Acton Minutemen start their annual reenactment march from the Isaac Davis homestead at 39 Hayward Road in Acton to Concord's Old North Bridge, where the British troops shot and killed Acton Minutemen members Isaac Davis, Abner Hosmer, and company fifer Luther Blanchard on April 19, 1775.  The Minutemen will fire muskets at 6:30am as part of a ceremony at the Isaac Davis Monument across from Acton Town Hall, and then join other Minutemen companies and Militias in the 7-mile march to North Bridge, arriving about 9am for the battle reenactment.  More about the Acton Minutemen

6am - 5pm - Lexington Visitor's Center (1875 Mass Ave, across from the town Library) will be open if you need a tour brochure, map, or directions to historical sites and events.  Public restrooms.

6:30am - 8am, Buckman Tavern Walk-Through Tours - (1 Bedford St, Lexington) - Small admission fee.

6:45am - 8am, Lincoln Minute Men March to Concord - The Lincoln Minute Men, who were the first company to come to the aid of Concord back in 1775, will meet at the Town Cemetery on Old Lexington Road in Lincoln, fire a musket salute to honor the Patriots buried there, and then begin their march along Sandy Pond Road to Concord. They'll play music and fire their muskets along the way.  More about the Lincoln Minute Men 

7:30am - Sunrise Youth Parade - Mass Ave in Lexington, from Munroe Cemetery through Lexington Center to Battle Green (near the town Library).

7:30am - North Bridge in Concord - Wreath-Laying Ceremony and historical speeches.

8am - First Shot! The Day the Revolution Began - Location:  13 Depot Square, Lexington - Orientation film about the Battle of Lexington, followed by Q&A session with reenactors.  Tickets sold at door - $3 adults/$1 child

Between 8am and 8:45am onward - Commemoration of the Battle at North Bridge, Concord - British and Colonial reenactors from Acton and other local companies, park rangers, and volunteers commemorate the battle of April 19, 1775.  Expect to hear plenty of musket fire!  (please note - different sources give different start times for this event - so to be safe, be there at 8am)

8am - 2pm - Tours of other historic Lexington sites:
Buckman Tavern (1 Bedford Street; every half hour), Hancock Clarke House (36 Hancock St; every hour), and Munroe Tavern (1332 Mass Ave, every hour).  Small admission fees apply; tickets available at each site.

At 8:15am, Patriots Day Ceremonies are held on Battle Green - Mass Ave at Bedford Street.

8:30am (approximately), British Mourn Arms Ceremony - Location: Old North Bridge, Concord - British reenactors representing British Regulars will conduct a moving "mourn arms" ceremony to commemorate the British soldiers from the King's Own 4th Regiment of Foot who died in the skirmish at Old North Bridge. The Acton Minutemen and other local companies will join them for a special commemoration with musket salutes, and at around 9:30, the Concord Parade will arrive at Old North Bridge.

8:30am - Concord - Vehicle traffic is banned on all roads in Concord Center.

8:45am - 9:25am - Battle at the Old North Bridge Reenactment - Old North Bridge, Minuteman National Historic Park in Concord - Reenactors will conduct the battle between the British and Provincial forces at Old North Bridge, followed by ceremonial volleys from 80+ muskets.

9:00am, Concord's Patriots' Day Parade - Concord Center - Huge parade includes all the Minute Men and Militias from Concord, Wayland, Acton, Westford, Sudbury, Lincoln, and many other communities west of Boston that converged on Concord in 1775.  The parade covers about 2.5 miles total, and occurs regardless of how bad the weather might be.  Begins in Concord Center, passes over North Bridge at about 9:30, and then heads back into town.  Times are always approximate.

9:30 am, Patriots' Day Parade in Arlington - CANCELED for 2015 due to lack of funding - Location:  Starts at Massachusetts Ave and Brattle Street, and marches east along Mass Ave to Walgreens in East Arlington - Parade features bands, the Shriners, fire engines, and many community groups. 

9:30am, Paul Revere's Ride - Hanover Street (North End of Boston) - Paul Revere, portrayed by a member of the National Lancers, a cavalry troop of the Massachusetts Militia dating back to 1836, arrives in the North End at 9:30, and then leaves (around 10:30am) on his horseback ride across the countryside to warn Samuel Adams and others that the British troops were on their way, stopping along the way at Charlestown's City Square (10:35am), Somerville's Foss Park (11:20am), and Gaffery's Funeral Home on Route 60 in Medford (12 noon) to warn "Colonists" that the British are coming.  He arrives at Arlington Town Hall at 12:05pm.  He arrives at Lexington Battle Green (Mass Ave) at about 1pm, and the troops depart.  

2015 marks the 238th Reenactment of the rides of Paul Revere and William Dawes, and the 240th anniversary of the actual event.

Read Longfellow's famous poem about Paul Revere's ride.

9:30am, William Dawes' Ride - Eliot Square, Roxbury - William Dawes, also portrayed by a Royal Lancer, arrives at 9:30am and then leaves at 10:30am from John Eliot Square in Roxbury on his own ride to warn the Colonists, stopping in Roxbury's Mission Hill Church at 9:40am, crosses Comm Ave (and the Marathon Route) at 10am), arrives at Brookline's Devotion School (10:05am), Hill Memorial Church in Allston at 10:45am, arrives in Cambridge at 11:05am, and Arlington Town Hall on Mass Ave (11:55pm); arrives at Lexington Green at about 12:45pm.  The Troop leaves at 1pm.

Source for Paul Revere and William Dawes ride reenactments: National Lancers website - please note that times may vary slightly due to conditions along the way, so be at your destination a bit early. 

11:15am - 12 noon - Handbell Concert of Patriotic Music - Hancock Church, 1912 Mass Ave, Lexington - Presented by Hancock Church Bell Choir.  For ticket information, call 781-862-4220.

12 noon - US Army "Old Guard" Patriotic Performance on Lexington Battle Green - Fife and Drum Corps

1pm, Paul Revere's Arrival at Lexington Green - Lexington Battle Green - Another Lexington appearance by Paul Revere on horseback.

2pm, Town of Lexington Patriot's Day Parade - Location:  Starts at Massachusetts Avenue and Maple Street in East Lexington, proceeds through Lexington Center, and ends on Worthen Road by the town swimming pool parking lot.

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Wednesday, April 22 & Friday, April 24

10:30am-12 noon, Paul Revere's Midnight Ride Enactment for Families- Location:  Paul Revere's House, 19 North Square, Boston's North End - Longfellow's Midnight Ride of Paul Revere poem is famous - but you may be surprised to learn that not everything in it is accurate.  Find out what actually happened on April 18, 1775 when Paul Revere rode off to warn the Colonists that the British were coming.  Perfect for families with children in grades K-4.  Reservations required - call 617-523-2338.  Adults and Children (5 and older) - $4.50.


Wednesday, April 22 through Saturday, April 25, 2015

10m - 4pm, Lexington Alarm Letter Annual Viewing- Location:  Scottish Rite Masonic Museum & Library, 33 Marrett Road, Lexington - See the Lexington Alarm Letter, on display each year only during this week, describing how the skirmish in Lexington launched the War for Independence.  More info: 781-861-6559.


Saturday, April 25

7-8:30pm, Battle Road Heroes - Location:  Hartwell Tavern, Lincoln - A candle-lit path leads you back into the past, as you get to hear the personal stories of real people who lived along Battle Road on April 19, 1775.  These special reenactments feature Captain William Smith, the Lincoln Minute Men, the Hartwells, musicians, and even a few British soldiers as you relive the history of 200+ years ago.  This is one of the very few Patriots' Day events with an admission charge ($5/person, $10/family), and proceeds benefit the Minute Man National Park. 


Sunday, April 26

2:30pm-4pm, Old Burial Ground tribute - Location: Pierce House, Lincoln - The Lincoln Minute Men will assemble at Pierce House and march to the Town Cemetery on Lexington Road, along with a contingent of British Regulars and a bagpiper.  At 3pm, gravesite ceremonies including speeches, music, and a musket salute will honor the Lincoln patriots as well as the five British soldiers killed in Lincoln on April 19, 1775, followed by a march back to Pierce House for refreshments.

Photo of Reenactment of Paul Revere's ride to Concord near Boston Massachusetts
Reenactment of Paul Revere's ride to Concord - Photo shows his stop in Medford


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