Long Term Parking for Boston Visitors - Where to Find It

Where can I park a car for 9 days while I take a bus tour of New England? Our tour leaves from the Park Plaza Hotel on Oct 1st and returns to the hotel on Oct 9th. The hotel wants $31.00/day to park. Can I park in a parking lot and ride and take light rail to and from the hotel. Please advise. Thanks!

Susan's response: Normally, leaving your car overnight in a Commuter Rail or T (Boston's subway) parking lot would be a good plan, but it may not work in your case because vehicles can be left only up to 7 days. However, although the MBTA's website states that any vehicle left over 30 days may be towed, it's not clear what happens if you exceed the 7 days by, in your case, just a couple of extra days. You may want to call them to find out your options, as even paying a little more than their normal daily charge would still cost much less than the almost $300 you'd pay at the Park Plaza. Here is the MBTA web page with overnight parking info and a number to call. Another option might be to simply take the train back to the lot after, say, Day 4 and move it to another space.

If that doesn't work out, there are other options where you can save a little or save a lot, depending on what trade-offs with convenience you want to make.

First, if you haven't already asked the Park Plaza Hotel or your tour bus company for cheaper options, that's the place to start. Either or both of them may have arrangements with nearby parking lots for long-term parking that can save you money without giving up the convenience of parking nearby.

You can also call nearby parking garages to see what kind of rates they can give you. This page listing parking garages near the Theatre District and Chinatown is a good place to start, as they are all close to the Park Plaza. You may not save a lot, but again, you won't give up much convenience.

On the other end of the spectrum, you can save a LOT by parking outside of Downtown Boston. Getting to and from the Park Plaza will mean more than a 5-minute walk, but will still be fairly convenient.

For example, long-term economy parking at Logan Airport runs just over $100 for 7 days, and about $18-20 for each additional day. You can find long-term economy parking prices at Logan here. Take the free shuttle bus to the airport, and then take the T for $2 from the airport to the Park Plaza - a little less convenient than parking nearby, but you'll save lots of money.

Hope this helps! Have fun on your tour.


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