If you want to park in a garage or lot near Boston's Fenway Park for an affordable rate, prepare yourself for some serious challenges: 

  • In addition to all the Red Sox or concert fans heading to Fenway Park, House of Blues and nearby sports bars, restaurants, and nightlife also attract lots of visitors - so competition for the limited number of spaces gets fierce
  • Almost all on-street parking in Fenway is "Residents Only" or marked "No Parking" on game days.  Don't even consider parking illegally - fines run $100 or more during Fenway events
  • Massive amounts of construction around Fenway Par means high-rise condos now cover many former outdoor parking lots

The good news is that you CAN find reasonably priced parking garages and lots - but you do need a strategy, and you should plan to arrive 2-3 hours early.  You also need to decide how far you want to walk - and pay.  Obviously, the closest choices cost the most.

Here are four options, along with cost/convenience tradeoffs.

Top photo: Lansdowne Street parking lot across from Fenway Park, (c) Boston Discovery Guide

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1.  Reserve Parking in Advance

Reserving a parking space in advance at one of the garages or lots near Fenway Park is the easiest and most foolproof strategy.  You get to pick how much you want to pay (and how far you'll walk), and you don't waste time/gas/stress driving around and searching on the day of the game, only to see "Lot Full" signs.  You will pay a small (usually $1-$3) convenience fee for reserved parking, but it is worth it.  Plus, you sometimes get discounted rates when you reserve in advance.

You can purchase reserved parking in three ways:

  • Use an online parking app such as SpotHero.  Enter "Fenway Park" for location so that the game schedule pops up.  Select your game or concert date, and you'll see a map showing you available parking garages and lots, and the cost for each.  You may pay less (if the app owner has negotiated a discount) or more than drive-up rates.  Choose the one you want, enter payment info, and you're done.  
  • Reserve online on the Red Sox website, which lists three garages.  You'll fill out a form (after you register for an account, if you don't already have one), and then select the garage.  Options include Lansdowne Garage (right behind the Green Monster, usually about $35, discounted $5 off the normal price), Ipswich Garage (160 Ipswich Street, also adjacent to Fenway, about $40 online but available only for small-midsize cars due to size restrictions), and The Garage @100 Clarendon Street (1.2 miles from Fenway, as low as $10 when you show your game ticket - but available only for evening and weekend games).  Red Sox website
  • Pre-purchase online from selected garages such as Lansdowne Street Garage

Fenway Parking Tip:  Parking at garages and lots several blocks or more from Fenway Park can save you money and also be faster to exit after the game when traffic gridlocks. 

2.  Find Parking without a Reservation

Until recently, driving around and looking for parking near Fenway until you found a spot you liked was a time-honored pre-game ritual. 

Today, you're competing for far fewer spaces due to the popularity of reserving in advance.

So if you still want to use the drive/search approach, plan to arrive very early, be flexible, and wear comfortable walking shoes. 

Here are 20 places to look, starting with garages and lots closest to Fenway Park.  Our parking map below the list shows locations.  Prices are approximate, as they can (and do) change without prior notice.  We give website urls where possible so that you can confirm parking rates and other details online.

Garages and Lots Within a Block or So of Fenway Park

  • Fenway Garage - 189-203 Ipswich Street; 140 spaces - $55
  • Swan Lot - Corner of Ipswich and Van Ness across from Fenway Park - $55
  • Ipswich Garage -160 Ipswich Street; 150 spaces - $45 - small-midsize cars only
  • Lansdowne Street Garage - 49 Lansdowne Street - $40 for standard-size vehicles, more for oversize vehicles.  Discounted pre-purchase rate available online.  617-421-0125.  Website:  https://bostonparking.spplus.com
  • Kenmore Lot - 73 Brookline Ave; 250 spaces - $50
  • Van Ness/Yawkey Way Parking Lot - 55 Yawkey Way; 50 spaces - $55 for standard-size vehicles, more for oversize vehicles.  617-421-0125.  Website:  https://bostonparking.spplus.com
  • Tasty Burger's Parking Lot - 1301 Boylston Street; 41 spaces - $55
  • The Verb Hotel's Parking Lot - 1271 Boylston St; 80 spaces but many are used by hotel guests and online reserved parking - Up to $65 for Red Sox parking, if any spaces are available
  • Shell Station Lot - 1240 Boylston Street; 78 spaces - $60
  • Sonoco Gas Station - 1250 Boylston Street; 60 spaces - $35
  • 1330 Boylston Street (enter on Jersey Street) - 50 spaces - $55.  Online pre-purchase sometimes available for a higher price.  617-236-5558.  Website:  https://bostonparking.spplus.com

More Parking - Mid-Range Distance from Fenway Park

  • Queensbury St Garage - 59 Queensbury Street; .3 mile; 91 spaces on a single level - about $35 for Red Sox games
  • Landmark Center Garage - 401 Park Drive; .4 mile; 400 spaces - 617-927-0398 - $50 Red Sox daytime games, $40 evening and weekend games
  • Triangle Trilogy Garage - 180 Brookline Ave; .4 mile; 200 spaces - $50
  • Westland Ave Garage - 35 Westland Ave; .8 mile - $25 for Red Sox games and other special events
  • Christian Science Garage - 235 Huntington Ave, at northeast corner of Huntington Ave and Mass Ave; 1.0 mile - $20 for special events including Red Sox games
  • Hariri Garage - 595 Commonwealth Ave; .4 mile - Nice garage at Boston University's School of Business - not normally available for public parking, but some parking apps offer special deals here (about $46-$50), and occasionally you'll see a "Red Sox Parking" sign for weekend games (usually about $50)
  • Other Boston University Parking - An assortment of lots and garages (including the Warren Towers garage) on the BU campus along Commonwealth Ave between Kenmore Square and Agganis Arena may (or may not) be available for parking, depending on the day, time, and university events.  Look for "Red Sox Parking" signs.  Most charge around $40.  Once you pass the BU Bridge over the Charles, you're not very close to Fenway, but you can always take the T's Green Line on Comm Ave to Kenmore Square

Largest Garages for Red Sox Parking

These are the biggest garages in the Fenway Park area - but they are also farthest from the famed ball field.  Choose them when you want to have plenty of selection, do not mind a 20+ minute walk, and do want the bargain rates for Fenway events (be sure to keep your ticket stub to get discounted parking).

  • Prudential Center Garage - 2,000 spaces - $18 for night and weekend games.  Preferred garage for many Sox fans driving in from the western suburbs due to direct access from the Mass Pike (I-90).  Driving directions:  http://www.parkprudentialcenter.com/directions.html
  • 100 Clarendon Garage - 100 Clarendon Street, over Back Bay Station; 1.2 miles; 2,000 spaces - $10 for evening and weekend Red Sox games.  To get this discounted rate, take your ticket stub (date on stub must match parking date) to the pay station in the garage office's Clarendon or Dartmouth lobby for validation.

Bottom Line:  Does driving around and looking for a cheap parking garage or lot save you any money vs. reserving a spot online?  Probably not, and once you figure in the cost of gas and your time, you may end up on the losing side of the equation unless you head straight to one of the large garages, Pru Center or 100 Clarendon, offering Red Sox specials.

Map of Boston Parking Garages near Fenway Park

3.  Park Remotely, & Take Public Transportation

For the cheapest reliable parking, park at a subway ("T") station and take the T's Green Line to Kenmore station, only 5 minutes on foot from Fenway - just follow the crowds, because this is the most popular way of getting to the ballpark for folks who live outside of central Boston.

Alewife and Braintree (Red Line), Wellington and Sullivan Square (Orange Line), Riverside (Green Line), and Wonderland (Blue Line) are popular choices because they have large parking lots/garages, and daily rates under $10.  North Station (Orange and Green Lines) also has a large garage, but because it is next to TD Garden, it is much pricier so you won't get much, if any, savings.

Your T ticket will run less than $3 each way.

Alternately, if you live near the Commuter Rail's Framingham/Worcester Line, take the train directly to Yawkey Station across the street from Fenway Park.  Just verify the departure time for the last outbound train stopping at your station, which may be around 10:30pm.

T Tip:  Fans pack into the T as soon as the game ends.  To avoid getting crushed, stop by one of the nearby sports bars for refreshments until the crowds thin out.

Bottom Line:  Parking remotely and taking the T (or commuter rail) may cost roughly the same as driving into the city and parking at one of the cheapest (and farthest from Fenway) garages, but it's easier and probably faster than getting caught in Boston traffic gridlock before and especially after the game.

4.  Stay Overnight at a Nearby Hotel & Walk to the Game

This approach may not save you any money if you have a car because Boston hotels routinely charge $40-$50 or more for parking.  Plus, you'll have the cost of staying at the hotel.  But, it will save you the hassle of finding parking near Fenway, and if you want to party at the nearby sports bars and night spots after the game, you don't need to worry about having a designated driver.

Occasionally hotels offer special Fenway Park packages with parking included, and it's always worth looking!

Closest hotels to Fenway Park are:

Or, stay in any hotel in central Boston and take the Green Line to Kenmore Square.  See our Boston hotel guide

To find last-minute hotel savings near Fenway Park and other locations, check out Groupon's Flash Deals on Boston hotels

Bottom Line:  Because of the cost of your hotel (assuming you weren't going to be in Boston for other reasons), this is the most expense approach - but hey, it's a good excuse to splurge and enjoy some of the fun nightlife around Fenway.

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