Boston Hotel for 4th of July Fireworks and Concert

by dj
(Dallas, Texas)

Hatch Shell on Boston's Esplanade, where the Boston Pops Concert takes place before the huge July 4 Fireworks display

Hatch Shell on Boston's Esplanade, where the Boston Pops Concert takes place before the huge July 4 Fireworks display

Is there a good Boston hotel to stay in where you can both hear the concert and see the fireworks on July 4th?

Although you can see the fireworks from a number of Boston hotels, hearing the concert from your hotel is tricky. Speakers line both sides of the Charles River for quite a distance to broadcast the music to people sitting on the river banks and the Boston Esplanade (location of the Hatch Shell where the concert takes place), and if you're in these areas, the sound is normally quite good.

However, even though several hotels are near the river, most are not right on it. On the Boston side, for example, a rather busy highway (Storrow Drive) runs between the Esplanade and the city. I grew up in Dallas, so I know that when you see it, you'll laugh and say "that tiny road is NOT a highway!" and it's true that by Texas standards, it's not very big - but the traffic on it is enough to muffle the sound of the music.

The only hotel that I can think of that might be positioned so that you can both see the fireworks AND hear the music is the Liberty Hotel on the Boston side of the river. However, I don't believe its windows open, which would mean that you'd need a room with a balcony AND it would need to face the river. So you'd need to do 3 things: 1) call the hotel and confirm that you could, in fact, hear the concert and see the fireworks from one of their balcony rooms, 2) reserve the room right away, and 3) try not to faint when they tell you the rate! Kidding aside, though, it's a wonderful hotel and even without music and fireworks, you'd have a great experience here.

Two other hotels that you could also try are the Royal Sonesta in Cambridge (I'll put a link to these at the end of the page) and the Taj in Boston. The Royal Sonesta definitely has great views, but I don't think their windows open so you might not be able to hear the music. The Taj has windows that do open and also good views from the upper floors, but I actually think it's too far away to hear the concert, even from one of the top floors.

Keep in mind, though, that it's very easy to walk down to the Esplanade and find a spot by the river where you'll be able to easily hear the concert and see the fireworks. There are a bunch of foot paths over Storrow Drive that make getting across very easy. If this is something of interest, then you could basically choose any hotel in Back Bay or Beacon Hill, or if you don't mind a slightly longer walk, Downtown Boston or the West End.

Alternately, here's a list of hotels for Boston fireworks, including the Taj and Royal Sonesta that I mentioned above. Near the bottom of the page, you'll find phone numbers, as you should call the hotel directly to make sure you'll get a room with the view that you want, and you can also check with them about the music.

Two more links of possible use to you:

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Finally, I know I'm repeating, but I really urge you to make hotel reservations as soon as you know your dates, because it's unbelievable how fast the hotels fill up for that holiday.

Have a great time when you come to Boston!


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