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Where to Park near Fenway Park, House of Blues, Lansdowne Street Nightlife

Best Boston parking garages in Fenway
MASCO Kenmore parking lot, across from Fenway Park on Brookline Ave

If you've ever tried to find Boston parking garages in Fenway, you know how difficult parking can be near Fenway Park, House of Blues, and other major attractions. 

Parking in Boston is always tough, but Fenway presents particular challenges: 1) Fenway Park, House of Blues, Symphony Hall, and other attractions draw huge crowds, and 2) almost all on-street parking is "Residents Only."

As if these challenges weren't bad enough, we now face a new one: massive amounts of construction close to Fenway Park have eliminated some parking lots.

Fortunately, Fenway has many Green Line T stations, and is flat and easily walkable.  However, if you must drive, here are some Boston parking garages convenient to key Fenway attractions, as well as a map.  Do check out rates carefully, as they vary quite a bit.

Please note:  I include rate information below the map so that you can make comparisons.  I update this information periodically, but if you are price-sensitive, please check the garages' websites to confirm rates

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100 Clarendon Garage

Address:  100 Clarendon Street
Near:  Back Bay Station, Copley Square, Prudential Center, and not far from the South End.  About an 18-20 minute walk to Fenway Park, Kenmore Square, Boston University, nightclubs and bars near Fenway
Spaces: 2,000
For more information:  617-275-0151; website

Although this is the "official" Red Sox parking garage , it's about an 18-20 minute walk from Fenway - maybe a little faster if you don't dawdle.  However, if you don't mind the walk and pre-paying on-line, this is where you can get the cheapest Red Sox game parking rates for evening and weekend games (note - it's not available for afternoon weekday games).  It's also the only Boston parking garage with direct Mass Pike access - HUGE convenience!


  • Red Sox games:  $10 for evening and weekend games - enter after 3pm Monday - Friday and 7am on weekends, and exit by 3am (yes, that gives you plenty of time to hit your favorite Boston bars near Fenway).  Here's what you have to do to get the validation:  Go to the garage office prior to returning to your car and present your valid game ticket stub and your parking ticket. 
  • Special and validation rates:  100 Clarendon offers very attractive rates for a variety of situations:  overnight parking for Amtrack South Station and areas hotels; nightclubs and event venues such as Boston Center for the Arts, Back Bay Events Center, Lyric Stage; special events such as the Boston Marathon.  Check rates and details on their website.
  • Hotel Parking:  Has your Boston hotel just quoted you a daily parking rate of $45 or more?  100 Clarendon offers validated parking at all Boston hotels for $28 for each 24 hour consecutive period.  See their website for more details.
  • Regular weekday rates are typical for this neighborhood, which means pricey - $11 for up to 1 hour, $30 for over 2-10 hours, $35 for 10+ hours.


Prudential Center Parking Garage

800 Boylston Street; 2,000 parking spaces

Located in Back Bay rather than Fenway and about a 12-minute walk to Fenway Park but popular option for Red Sox parking because of its huge size, convenience to Mass Pike, and reasonable rates; this garage is a local favorite for Fenway parking for evening and weekend games.  You can enter the Pru Center Garage from a number of points around its perimeter: 85 Exeter Street, 81 and 111 Huntington Ave, 116 Belvidere St, 48 Dalton St, and Ring Road.

Red Sox and special event parking $16 evenings and weekends (not valid for afternoon weekday games); otherwise, quite pricey, even with shopping validation for up to 2 hours parking; $36 for 2-10 hours.

Prudential Center Garage also offers a discount if you have a BSO or Pops ticket stub - IF you enter the garage after 2pm.


Standard Parking Garage (aka 1330 Boylston Street Garage)

Fenway parking garage at 1330 Boylston St - BostonStandard Parking Garage is only a block from Fenway Park, steps from the popular restaurants and bars along this stretch of Boylston Street, and convenient to nearby nightlife including Church of Boston. 

Normally $10 for an hour or less and $28/day on weekdays but $45 for special events, including Red Sox games.  

The real bargain here is on evenings after 4pm and weekends, when you can park for up to 6 hours for $6 (Fenway events excluded); even better, several area restaurants such as Basho's validate, bringing down the fee to $4 for up to 6 hours. 

Standard Parking Garage - 1330 Boylston Street (enter on Jersey Street); 200 parking spaces, although many are reserved for building tenants



Symphony Garage (Westland Avenue Garage)

Parking near Boston's Symphony HallAddress:  41 Westland Avenue
Entrances:  Westland Avenue (closest to Symphony Hall) and Burbank Street
Near:  Symphony Hall, Jordan Hall, Huntington Theatre, Berklee Performance Center, Christian Scientist Church, Prudential Center, Northeastern University
Reasonably close:  Fenway Park, Back Bay neighborhood     
Call ahead service:  617-236-1928
Forms of payment accepted: Cash, Visa, Mastercard, American Express
For more information:  617-236-0898; website

The Symphony Garage near the corner of Mass Ave and Westland Ave is close to Symphony Hall as well as other cultural and performing venues, and a fairly short walk to Fenway Park - about 12-15 minutes. 

In addition to being somewhat less expensive than garages closer to Fenway Park, Symphony Garage's location tends to be less congested before and after games.  Unfortunately, a proposal is on the table to convert the space to 48 condos - so enjoy parking here while you still can!

The 6-story, 300-space garage is open 24x7, and staffed throughout the day.  It is easy to access from Storrow Drive.  Bonus: if you forget your umbrella on a rainy day, they will loan you one.


  • Daily rates:  Start at $8 for 1/2 hour or less.  $12 for 30 minutes - 1 hour.  $18 for 2 hours or less.  $33 maximum daily rate.  $12 for early birds - in before 9:30am and out before 7pm, Monday - Friday. 
  • Early Bird:  $15 - Monday-Friday - enter before 9am and depart before 6pm
  • Event rates:  $25 for up to 10 hours parking
  • Evening/weekend rates:  $18 if you enter after 4pm and exit before 9am Saturdays and Sundays.  Not valid during events (in other words, concerts, Red Sox games, other Fenway events which you may or may not know about when trying to park there)
  • Prepay:  Call 617-437-2577

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MidTown Hotel Parking Garage

Parking specials at Midtown Hotel in BostonThe MidTown Hotel Parking Garage is really intended for hotel guests. 

In fact, the hotel offers one of the best parking deals around for Red Sox games at Fenway - free parking on game day when you book early for game night and show your Red Sox ticket at check-in. 
Find out more about Midtown Hotel

But when you see the "Daily/Event Parking" sign in front of the garage entrance, even non-guests can sometimes snag a bargain, especially compared with Prudential Center parking down the block.  Event parking is $20 - but you must show a ticket for Red Sox, Bruins, Celtics, New England Conservatory, Huntington Theatre, or Symphony Hall.  Since the Bruins and Celtics play at TD Garden, not sure why you'd park here ... but the Midway is super-convenient to all the other venues.  Call ahead to see if daily/event parking specials are available.

Non-guests can also get hourly rates:  $8 up to 1 hour, $16 for 2-3 hours, $22 3-6 hours, $35 for up to 24 hours.

Address:  220 Huntington Avenue, at the MidTown Hotel
Near:  Symphony Hall, Jordan Hall, Huntington Theatre, Christian Scientist Church, Prudential Center, Northeastern University, Fenway Park
Reasonably close:  Fenway Park, Back Bay neighborhood     
Forms of payment accepted:  Cash, major credit cards
For more information:  617-262-0898


Christian Science Center Garage

Parking specials at Midtown Hotel in BostonThe Christian Science Center Garage, located directly across Mass Ave from Symphony Hall, offers the closest parking to the famed venue.   

There are entrances on Huntington Ave and Mass Ave - both near the corner.

Parking is free if you are attending church services, and $7/day with validation when visiting the Mary Baker Eddy Library and the Christian Science Reading Room.

Event and weekend rates of $20; night rate $12 (enter after 5pm and exit before midnight).  Daily rates: $9 up to 1 hour, $13 1-2 hours, $17 2-3 hours, $22 3-12 hours, $40 19-24 hours.

Address:  194 Massachusetts Avenue
Near:  Symphony Hall, Jordan Hall, Huntington Theatre, Christian Scientist Church, Prudential Center, Northeastern University.  Fenway Park is a bit of a walk - but still a reasonable distance.


Other Fenway Parking Garages and Lots

Fenway Shell Station

1240 Boylston Street; 617-247-7905

Small lot with 78 spaces - $50 for parking on Red Sox game days

Fenway Gulf Station

1420 Boylston Street; 617-247-7905

Small lot with about 40 spaces - usually charges $35 flat fee for Fenway parking on Red Sox game days


1250 Boylston Street

Small lot with about 60 spaces - usually charges $50 flat fee for Fenway parking on Red Sox game days

Landmark Center - LAZ Parking

401 Park Drive/201 Brookline Ave

Landmark Center is easy to spot - just look for an almost-white Art Deco Building - once a Sears distribution hub and now a shopping center with 400 parking spaces.  Reasonably convenient to Fenway Park, as well as the Colleges of the Fenway (Emmanuel, Simmons, Wheelock), and even the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum.  $35 during Fenway events; otherwise, inexpensive.


MASCO Garages & Lots

MASCO Kenmore Lot near Fenway Park in BostonMASCO (Medical Academic Community and Scientific Organization, a non-profit that provides parking and other services for Longwood staff, students, and patients) owns and oversees the operation of a dozen parking lots and garages in the vicinity of Fenway Park. 

Although most are used primarily for permit parking, some provide limited special events parking.

Permit holders typically have to vacate by 6pm when night games are scheduled so that the garage or lot can be used for game parking.  Rates usually run $40-$50 on game days, and there's lots of competition to get the spaces.  Most of these areas are not available for afternoon games during the week.

Here are some of the best MASCO lots to try:

MASCO Kenmore Lot, located at 72 Brookline Ave across from Fenway Park (shown in the above photo); 250 spaces; 617-632-2881

MASCO Lansdowne Street Garage:  49 Lansdowne Street
The Lansdowne Street Garage is located right behind the Green Monster, and is the closest parking garage to Gates C and E, which offer special access to fans with disabilities; 285 spaces.  Typically $40 on game days.

MASCO @ 375 Longwood Avenue; 750 parking spaces

Offers discounted parking for Wheelock Family Theatre; $7 evening (after 3:30pm) and weekend rates; daily rates $11 for 4 hours or less, $23 for 6 hours or less, $29 for 6-24 hours.  Also convenient to all the Longwood hospitals.  Not so convenient for Fenway Park.

MASCO @ Ipswich St Garage
160 Ipswich Street; 617-236-5090

Ipswich St Garage - Boston's Fenway neighborhoodGreat location for Fenway, but small and Longwood Medical Area employees fill most of the 150 spaces during the day.  

Like the Kenmore lot, permit holders have to vacate by 6pm when night games are scheduled.   Offers limited valet-only Red Sox parking for $40.

MASCO Swan Lot; corner of Ipswich and Van Ness, across from Fenway; 140 parking spaces; $50 for Red Sox game parking

Convenient to Fenway and nearby clubs, including House of Blues.  Valet game parking usually about $35, limited club parking $10.

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Museum of Fine Arts Parking Garage

Museum Road (between Huntington Ave and the Fenway)

The most convenient parking garage if you're going to the Museum of Fine Arts - but you'll pay for the convenience.  $6 per half hour, with $24 daily max rate; $17 evening max (enter after 5:30pm); discounted parking for MFA members; open only until 6PM on weekends; 475 spaces


Stanhope Garage

693 Newbury Street Extension, off Brookline just north of the Mass Pike; 42 parking spaces

Tiny but convenient to Fenway Park, House of Blues, Eastern Standard, and even Boston University East Campus.  Normally $7/day (which is great for this neighborhood) but $45 for Fenway events (ouch!).  In case you're wondering, "Newbury Street Extension" is pretty much what it sounds like - a continuation of Back Bay's Newbury Street on the Fenway side of Mass Ave, along the Mass Pike - it looks sort of like an alley, and not everyone realizes it's a street.

Yawkey Way Lot

55 Yawkey Way, operated by LAZ Parking
Small (150 spaces) private lot, extremely close and convenient to Fenway Park.  Not usually open to public parking, but when it is available on game days, the price usually runs about $45.  It's also occasionally open for charitable events, and I've seen it as low as $10.

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This convenient parking lot gone ... victim to Fenway construction projects.

1282 Boylston Street - 1 Block from Fenway Park 

Photo of parking lot at 1282 Boylston Street near Fenway Park

Address:  1282 Boylston Street

Near:  Fenway Park, House of Blues, Boylston St restaurants, Lansdowne Street nightlife


Map of Boston parking garages in Fenway

View Map of Parking Garages near Fenway Park, Boston, MA in a larger map

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