Question about Boston

What is the best/easiest way to get to the out of town shopping area at Wrentham Common?  Staying in Marriott Copley Place at the beginning of February this year.


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Question about Boston

You can get to Wrentham Premium Outlets from Boston by bus, commuter rail train, taxi or a shared ride service such as Uber or Lyft, and car.  So let's take a look at each one to see which might be easiest and best for you.

Wrentham Village Premium Outlets Bus: The Easiest Way to Get There!

Let's start with the easiest way to get to Wrentham Outlets assuming your schedule is reasonable flexible, you're going alone, and you want a comfortable ride with no hastle:  express bus.  Round-trip transportation from Boston to Wrentham Outlets on a comfortable climate-controlled coach-style Gray Line bus makes the trip a breeze.  

With someone else doing the driving and worrying about maneuvering in and out of Boston's notorious traffic congestion, all you have to do is to walk over to the Gray Line departure point near Boston Common (just a few blocks from the Marriott Copley), hop on the bus, and within an hour or less, you'll be dropped off right in front of the stores. 

You get to spend about 5 hours shopping and saving at the Premium Outlets.  The trip takes about 45-60 minutes each way, depending on traffic, so you'll be back in Boston in about seven hours.  (In case you're wondering, the distance from Boston to Wrentham Outlets is 37 miles point to point, but about 41 miles driving distance.)  And don't forget that February weather in Boston can be iffy - it's a good time to be in a big vehicle equipped to handle snow or icy roads.

You can buy your Wrentham bus ticket online, and cancel up to 24 hours in advance in case your plans change.  Your Wrentham bus ticket comes with a free VIP coupon book to give you additional savings.

Can you save with special Wrentham Village shopping packages?

A few Boston hotels offer special "shopping packages" which means that for a higher room rate, they throw in a free round trip bus trip (it's the same bus that you can take on your own) and sometimes other amenities (we list a few in our main Wrentham Discount Village article).  I don't believe that the Marriott Copley Plaza normally offers this package, but you could check with them to make sure. 

These packages may or may not be a good deal, based on the difference between the shopping package rate and the lowest available rate at that hotel (or a less expensive one).  So if Marriott does offer this shopping package, compare costs carefully before you decide.  You can check the current cost of round trip Wrentham bus tickets here. 

How to Get to Wrentham Village Premium Outlets from Boston by Train

The second easiest transportation option for getting to the Wrentham Discount Mall from Boston is to take the Commuter Rail from Boston (closest train station to your hotel would be the Back Bay station - just a few minutes' walk) to Franklin Station, about four miles from the Wrentham Outlets, and take a cab or Uber/Lyft from the station to the mall. 

Unfortunately, there is no direct train to Wrentham Outlets - so this will need to be a two-step trip.  You can check the MBTA website for schedules.

Between the cost of your train tickets and taxis/Ubers, total round trip price will be similar to the express bus - maybe a little more, maybe a little less.

Comparing the express bus and train for Wrentham Outlet transportation

How do these two "easy" options compare?  They each have their pros and cons:

  • The commuter rail/taxi or Uber option is somewhat more trouble than the express bus because you do have to order a cab or Uber and perhaps wait a few minutes for it (although cabs do often wait in the taxi area outside the station), and on the way back, schlep your shopping bags filled with purchases from one to the other.  You also have to keep an eye on the train schedule and not miss your train. However, you have more flexibility:  you can determine, within the limitations of the train schedule, how long you stay.
  • The express bus option is easier (no cab to call) but not quite as flexible: the length of your shopping trip is determined by the bus schedule - usually you'll get about 5 hours shopping time at the mall, which may be plenty anyway - or not, depending on your interest in scooping up bargains.

Taking a Taxi or Uber/Lyft from Boston to Wrentham Village Premium Outlets

Easy?  Yes.  (Unless you have a really bad stress-producing driver.)  But it will cost you - potentially around $100-$200 each way to make the 41 mile (by road) trip  - so that's a total of perhaps $200-$400, with the exact amount depending on traffic and whether or not you get caught in rush hour tie ups getting out or back into Boston.

The biggest benefit of going by taxi or Uber/Lyft is flexibility.  If the express bus and train schedules don't work for you, driving lets you control when you go, how long you stay, and when you return. 

But if flexibility is something you need, take a look at the fourth option:  renting a car and driving. 

Should You Rent a Car and Drive to Wrentham Outlets?

If you want ultimate flexibility over the timing of your visit, a rental car may be the best choice, and if you're going with other people, it may also be the cheapest option on a per-person basis.

When you need a rental car for just one day, Zipcar may be the best affordable choice.  You'll find lots of convenient pick-up/drop-off locations all over the Boston area.  Just pick your departure and return times to avoid rush hour!

Directions to Wrentham outlet are simple:  Once you get onto Route 93, go down Route 95, make a left onto I-495 North, drive for 5 miles, and follow the signs into Wrentham Village's parking lot.

Please note, I'm not necessarily recommending driving (our Boston driving tips page will tell you why. Aside from the challenges of navigating Boston streets in order to get out of the city, February weather can be tricky, with snow, ice, black ice, etc - so having someone else behind the wheel who is more familiar with local conditions can definitely be advantageous. 

Also, since you're visiting Boston from another country, there's no need to get an international drivers license if someone else is doing the driving.  And because you're coming from the U.K. where you're used to driving on the left side of the road, not driving yourself avoids the need to adjust to driving on the right side.

So to summarize ...

The express bus to Wrentham Outlets will probably be the easiest and best transportation option for you.

Hope this helps! Have a wonderful trip, and happy shopping!

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