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What is the best/easiest way to get to the out of town shopping area at Wrentham Common?  Staying in Marriott Copley Place at the beginning of February this year.


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Top photo: Stores at Wrentham Premium Outlets; photo credit: Boston Discovery Guide

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Question about Boston

You can currently get to Wrentham Premium Outlets from Boston by taking the commuter rail train to the closest station and then calling a taxi or shared ride service such as Uber or Lyft for the final portion of the trip, using a taxi, Uber. or Lyft for the entire trip from Boston, or by driving a rental or you own private car. 

All of these options have pros and cons.

Before the pandemic, the easiest way to get to Wrentham Outlets was an express bus service from Boston operated by Gray Line.  Round-trip transportation from Boston to Wrentham Outlets on a comfortable climate-controlled coach-style Gray Line bus makes the trip a breeze. 

The express bus hit the sweet spot of convenience and affordability, so for most out of town visitors, it proved to be the best option.

But unfortunately, the service ended wihen Covid hit and it still has not been reinstated.

So let's take a look at each remaining option to see which might be easiest and best for you.

Find out more about Wrentham Village Outlets and how to get there from Boston

How to Get to Wrentham Village Premium Outlets from Boston by Train

Now that express bus service is no longer available, the easiest transportation option for getting to the Wrentham Discount Mall from Boston is to take the Commuter Rail from Boston. 

You can check the MBTA website for schedules.

Unfortunately, there is no direct train to Wrentham Outlets - so this will need to be a two-step trip. 

The closest train station to your hotel would be the Back Bay station, and you would need to get a ticket to Franklin Station, the closest station to Wrentham Outlets.

Although Franklin Station is located only about four miles from the outlets, that is too far to walk, so you would need to take a cab or Uber/Lyft from the station to the mall. 

Between the cost of your train tickets and taxis/Ubers, the total round trip price still rings up as the cheapest transportation option. 

It's easy because you don't have the hassle of driving in Boston traffic when you leave and then return to the city.  But it's not particularly convenient.

Taking a Taxi or Uber/Lyft from Boston to Wrentham Village Premium Outlets

Easy?  Yes.  (Unless you have a really bad stress-producing driver.) 

But taking a taxi or uber/lyft to the Wrentham Outlets will cost you - potentially around $100-$200 each way to make the 41 mile (by road) trip  - so that's a total of perhaps $200-$400, with the exact amount depending on traffic and whether or not you get caught in rush hour tie ups getting out or back into Boston.

The biggest benefit of going by taxi or Uber/Lyft is flexibility. 

If the taking the train doesn't appeal to you or align with your schedule, taking a taxi or Lyft lets you control when you go, how long you stay, and when you return. 

The biggest reason not to take a taxi or Lyft/Uber:  the cost.

So what's left?  The next option and final option:  renting a car and driving, which will lets you control the schedule and will probably cost less (and possibly a lot less).

Should You Rent a Car and Drive to Wrentham Outlets?  Or Drive Your Own?

If you want ultimate flexibility over the timing of your visit, a rental car may be the best choice (unless you have your own car with you in Boston). 

It should also save you some money compared with taking an uber or tax.  If you're going with other people, renting a car may also be the cheapest option on a per-person basis.

Even better, drive your own car if you have one with you in Boston.

When you need transportation for just one or two days, renting a car may be the best affordable choice.  Just pick your departure and return times to avoid rush hour!

Directions to Wrentham outlet are simple:  Once you get onto Route 93, go down Route 95, make a left onto I-495 North, drive for 5 miles, and follow the signs into Wrentham Village's parking lot.

Please note, I'm not necessarily recommending driving (our Boston driving tips page will tell you why. Aside from the challenges of navigating Boston streets in order to get out of the city, February weather can be tricky, with snow, ice, black ice, etc - so having someone else behind the wheel who is more familiar with local conditions can definitely be advantageous. 

Also, since you're visiting Boston from another country, having someone else do the driving eliminates the need to get an international drivers license. 

And because you're coming from the U.K. where you're used to driving on the left side of the road, taking a train or shared ride service avoids the need to adjust to driving on the right side.

Rent a car for your trip to Wrentham Village

Wrentham Village Premium Outlets Bus: A Pandemic Victim?

Once upon a time, prior to the Covid pandemic, the easiest way to get to Wrentham Outlets was an express bus service from Boston operated by Gray Line. 

Round-trip transportation from Boston to Wrentham Outlets on a comfortable climate-controlled coach-style Gray Line bus made the trip a breeze. 

The round-trip fare was reasonable (and you could easily save enough while shopping to more than cover the cost), it allowed plenty of time for shopping, and above all, it was super-convenient.

Unfortunately, service has not been restored since the pandemic ended.  Will it ever return?  Our crystal ball is cloudy... but stay tuned for any updates!

So to Summarize ...

Current Options for Wrentham Outlet Transportation: How Do They Compare?

Although the former bus service provided the easiest way to reach Wrentham Outlets, it no longer exists - so how do the other transportation options compare?  They each have their pros and cons:

  • Commuter Rail/Taxi and Uber/Lyft Options
    • Pros:  Someone other than you is driving, so you can sit back, relax, and enjoy the ride.  The commuter rail/train is relatively inexpensive. 
    • Cons:   You do have the minor inconvenience of ordering a cab or shared ride service such as Uber/Lyft, and then waiting for it to arrive.  If taking the train, you have to keep an eye on the schedule and not miss your train.  Using a shared ride service usually costs quite a bit more than the train, and it will cost a LOT more if you get stuck in rush-hour traffic.
  • Driving Yourself (Using Your Own Car or a Rental Car)
    • Pros:  Flexibility
    • Cons:  Driving in Boston metro traffic.  Cost - Compare the cost of renting a car vs using a taxi or shared-ride service.

Hope this helps! Have a wonderful trip, and happy shopping!

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