Question about Boston

How can we book a photographer to take a picture of one of the runners? 

Concord, New Hampshire

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Question about Boston

Great question! 

I'm going to assume you've thought of the obvious things (i.e., search on line for "Boston photographers" or maybe "Boston sports photographers," place an ad on Craig's List or even so I'm going to suggest a few options slightly off the regular path.

Boston has a LOT of art and photography classes and schools, some stand-alone, some as parts of larger institutions.

Some attract professionals who just want to polish a few skills or learn something new, others focus on photographers of all skill levels and backgrouns, and still others have regular college students.

Having seen local shows featuring the work of participants, faculty, and students presented by these groups, I can tell you that they're as good or better than what you'll see in many galleries.  The professionals in the groups may be available to take on new clients, and many students are always looking for ways to make a little money and some may be out photographing the Marathon anyway, so hopefully you can connect with someone who will be a perfect fit with your needs.

I'm going to give you names and urls for a few schools that I know have well-regarded photography programs.

My suggestion is to either email or call them, briefly explain what you want, and ask to be connected to someone who teaches a course in, say, sports photography, visual journalism, or whatever makes sense (look at the programs and course offerings on the sites, and you'll get some ideas). 

Once you reach the instructor, explain what you want in more detail and ask if they could either recommend someone or let their students know about this opportunity, and if anyone is interested, how to contact you.

Alternately, they may give you information about a campus website or whatever to post your need on.

Here are six local photography and art schools and programs to contact:

Also, in case it's helpful for deciding where you'd like the photographer to shoot the photos, here's Boston Discovery Guide's mile by mile description of the Boston Marathon Route.

Hope this helps you get some great photographs!

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