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I have read of a hotel that offers rooftop seating for the Boston Pops 4th of July concert. Supposedly you can hear well and see the fireworks display. I thought this was the Fairmont, but nobody there seems to know anything about it. Do you know of such a hotel?


Question about Boston

Hi Ann - Yes, the Fairmont Copley Plaza does has a huge 3,000 foot rooftop deck which offers spectacular views of the July 4th fireworks.  I don't know if the deck has seating, or if you need to stand to watch the fireworks - but if seating is important to you, just call the hotel and ask. 

While you can't hear the music directly because of the distance (true for all Boston hotels), the Copley Plaza streams the concert on a big screen so that you can see and hear it - in fact, you probably have a better view and sound quality that you would if you were watching from the Esplanade where the concert takes place in person.   

Several other Boston hotels also offer rooftop viewing of the July 4th fireworks display: 

  • Fifteen Beacon, on Beacon Hill near the Massachusetts State House. If you want to stay there - and it's a fantastic choice, one of Boston's top-ranked luxury hotels - you'll need to reserve early because it is a small boutique property, very popular, and always books up early for the 4th.
  • The Envoy Hotel's Lookout Rooftop bar and YOTEL Boston's Sky Lounge Rooftop + Terrace, in the Seaport District - Both hotels' rooftop terraces offer terrific views of the fireworks show - and what's better than relaxing with a frosty drink in your hand as you watch?
  • Liberty Hotel in the West End, close to the Charles River - Perhaps even better than a rooftop decks are the Libery's rooms on higher floors with privace terraces overlooking the fireworks site.  There aren't many of them - so be prepared to pay a lot, and definitely call the hotel to make sure you get one with a view.

Any of these hotels would be a great choice - but be sure to call the hotel directly to confirm that the terrace will be open to hotel guests for fireworks viewing on July 4th because sometimes construction or other circumstances may cause closures.

Like the Copley Plaza, all of these hotels are located too far away to hear the concert but the hotels may live-stream it onto a screen.  If not, you can always pull it up on your phone or iPad.

Also keep in mind that you can easily walk from the Fairmont Copley Plaza, the Lenox, and XV Beacon to the Esplanade if you decide to get closer and watch from the river banks, which can be a lot of fun.

A few other hotels have lovely rooftop terraces, but don't normally open them up for viewing watching the concert on the 4th.  The Colonnade has a terrific roof top terrace with swimming pool, but they normally close it to guests at 8pm, even on the 4th. 

Although the Newbury Boston (formerly the Taj and before that, the Ritz) has a roof top deck with fantastic views across the Public Garden and Boston Common, my understanding from the hotel is that you cannot see the area where the fireworks take place because of buildings blocking the view in that direction. 

And finally, Beacon Hill Hotel has a lovely roof deck but it is behind the front part of the building - although it's a lovely spot to relax if you want to sit with a drink in your hand and stream the concert and the fireworks on your phone or laptop.

In case you decide to walk down to the river to hear the concert (speakers are set up all along both embankments) or over to the Greenway where speakers and big screens are also set up (as you can't really see the fireworks from this location) here is a hotel map from that gives you a quick, easy way to see locations.  Enter the dates for your stay, and you'll see the cheapest rates for hotels available on your dates:

More about how to save on Boston hotels

Also, here is the list of hotels for Boston fireworks, including those that I mentioned above.  Near the bottom of the page, you'll find hotel phone numbers. 

Once you know your travel dates and select your hotel, make your reservations as quickly as possible because it's unbelievable how fast they fill up for the July 4th period, especially those with the rooftop terraces and decks.  

Hope you find what you're looking for, and have a wonderful time here - the fireworks truly are spectacular, and the 4th is a very fun time in Boston.

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Top photo:  Boston's July 4th fireworks over the Charles River

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