Boston Marathon Qualifying Times

2019 - Can You Qualify?

Boston Marathon runners beginning the climb up Heartbreak Hill
Boston Marathon competitors

Getting up Heartbreak Hill is hard enough . . . but first, you must meet strict Boston Marathon qualifying times to even enter the race. 

For 2019, qualifying times remain the same as last year - but that does not mean that meeting the mark will be easy.

See the list below to find the exact times.

Marathon qualifying times are based on what your age will be on the day when the Boston Marathon in which you want to participate will be held. 

You must be at least 18 years old. 

Furthermore, you must achieve the qualifying time on a certified course approved by U.S.A. Track and Field, or the international equivalents designated by the Boston Athletic Association (BAA), which organizes the Boston Marathon

Fastest runners get to register first - so think of these qualifying times as just the first step to getting admitted to this elite race.

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Can You Qualify for the Boston Marathon?

Are you thinking that if 36,000 athletes from all over the world can qualify for the Boston Marathon, you can too? 

Use the following charts to figure out your chances . . .and see if you need to start a Marathon training program to get into shape.


Boston Marathon Qualifying Times

To compete in the Boston Marathon, you must meet the qualification requirements within a period of approximately 19 months prior to the date of the Marathon in which you wish to participate. 

That means that for the 2019 Marathon, you need to have met these qualifying times on or after September 13, 2019. 

Registration for the Boston Marathon opens in September prior to the April race.  Look for the exact date to be published on the B.A.A. website in July.  You can also find requirements for the Blind/Visually Impaired division, and the Mobility Impaired program.  You can also find the date on Boston Discovery Guide's Event Calendar for September.

Age Group
18-34 3 hrs 05 min 3 hrs 35 min
35-35 3 hrs 10 min 3 hrs 40 min
3 hrs 15 min
3 hrs 45 min
3 hrs 25 min
3 hrs 55 min
3 hrs 30 min
4 hrs 00 min
3 hrs 40 min
4 hrs 10 min
3 hrs 55 min
4 hrs 25 min
4 hrs 10 min
4 hrs 40 min
4 hrs 25 min
4 hrs 55 min
4 hrs 40 min
5 hrs 10 min
80 and over
4 hrs 55 min
5 hrs 25 min

Unlike earlier years, an additional 59 seconds will NOT be accepted for qualifying times.
For example, a qualifying time of 4:25:59 for a 62 year old woman will NOT be accepted.


Push Rim Wheel Chair Division Qualifying Times

Class Age Group
Open (Classes 3 & 4)
2hrs 00min
2hrs 15min
2hrs 30min
2hrs 25min
2hrs 40min
2hrs 55min
Quad (Classes 1 & 2)
2hrs 45min
3hrs 00min
3hrs 15min
3hrs 10min
3hrs 25min
3hrs 40min

An additional 59 seconds will NOT be accepted for qualifying times
Example: a qualifying time of 2:25:59 for a 38 year old woman in Open Class will NOT be accepted.

If these qualifying times see a little daunting, get out your running shoes and start your Boston Marathon training program today!

Boston Marathon runners beginning the climb up Heartbreak Hill

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