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I love to hear from visitors to Boston Discovery Guide. 

You can reach me in several different ways . . .

  • If you know about an event that Boston visitors and tourists would enjoy, you can add it here
  • Do you have questions about Boston travel?  I'll do my best to answer them!  Ask your Boston travel questions here.
  • Or, use this form to contact Boston Discovery Guide directly:
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Just a reminder - I'm not a travel agent and have no connections with the travel industry so I can't help with reservations. If you need assistance with travel arrangements, please contact a licensed travel agent.

If you want to make sure that you get my response, please read my instructions for whitelisting.  Sometimes my answers to e-mails, especially if you send use your company e-mail which probably has a firewall, are rejected - so if you think I haven't answered your e-mail, it's possible that I have but my response just won't get through your firewall!

I try to respond quickly, but if I need to do any research or get more information before answering your question, that can take anywhere from a few days to a couple of weeks.  I can't always respond to every question, so if I miss yours, apologies in advance!

Thanks for visiting ! 



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