When to arrive at the Cruiseport?

by Nate

If you're driving into Boston and leaving your car in the parking garage near the Black Falcon Cruise Terminal, is there a "best time" to arrive at the CruisePort for the Bermuda cruise on the Norwegian Dawn?

I believe the terminal opens around 10:30 am, and the ship begins boarding at noon.

Thanks, Nate

Susan's reply: The parking garage is very close to the Cruise Terminal - so no need to allow much time to get from the garage to the terminal - maybe 5-10 minutes absolute max, which would include time to unload your bags from the car.

Lines to check in and board usually move fairly fast, and since the terminal doesn't open until 10:30 anyway, no point in getting there super early to be first in line.

So really, the only other consideration related to timing of your arrival is the traffic for getting there. If you aim at arriving at the garage just a bit early - let's say around 10am, to give you time to drive into the garage, find a parking space, etc. - that still puts you driving into Boston well after rush hour. Since I don't know what direction you're coming from or what route you're taking to get to the South Boston Waterfront, I won't speculate on the exact amount of traffic - it's unpredictable anyway - but from any direction, you should be fine by that time in the morning. Obviously, allow some extra time for unexpected gridlock - but you should be fine.

Have a great time on your cruise!


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