by Doug

What roads close to the waterfront and the fireworks will be closed to vehicular traffic?

Reply from Susan at Boston Discovery Guide:

Hi Doug,

You should take a look at the closure information at - unless I'm missing something, there are no road closures in that area. The only 2 streets that I see listed as being closed are in Boylston and Charles Street, which would be due to the parade. I'm really surprised, because I'd heard that a lot of roads would be closed.

There are massive parking restrictions - Atlantic Ave, Surface Road, and Milk Street are mentioned, along with most of Back Bay. But there don't seem to be any additional road closings.

As you've probably heard on the local news, the Boston police are urging everyone to take the T (runs until 2am; free from 8pm to 2am) as they're expecting about a million people to turn out this year since the weather isn't too cold, wet, or snowy.

If you're thinking about driving, good luck!!!

Have fun, and Happy New Year!

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