How to Travel to Gillette Stadium from Boston

by Rick

How can I travel to and from my hotel in downtown Boston and Gillette Stadium for a Revolution game on July 10?
Thank you.

Susan's reply
That's a really good question, since the options for getting to Gillette Stadium from Boston vary based on the team or event you're going to see.

As you may know, during football season, whenever the New England Patriots are in town and playing at Gillette, their home field, the "Patriots Train" run between Boston and Gillette Stadium, bringing you almost right up to the gate. Unfortunately, this special train (actually, the MBTA Commuter Rail train, using a special track section to deliver passengers close to the station) doesn't normally run for other events - although it can and does if the event is deemed big enough, such as the 2011 match against Manchester.

The Patriots Train also gives you the opportunity to, um, celebrate a bit more at the game, since you won't be behind the wheel on the way home. And it's a LOT more relaxing than driving.

However - normally, the short answer is that the best way to get to Gillette Stadium for a Revolution game, or any event other than a Patriots game or concert, is by public transportation - but not the Patriots Train.

Take Boston's MBTA Commuter Rail from South Station (probably the closest to your downtown hotel; the Back Bay station would be closer if your hotel is in the Park Square area of downtown) to the Walpole Station, the closest to the stadium, and then take a taxi. This is a popular way to get to the stadium, so usually lots of taxis are waiting at the station. Of course, this approach also means you're not driving - so no need to hold back on your celebration.

The long answer with details like the MBTA website and phone # for the local taxi company, as well as other options for Patriots games and concerts got, well, I created a separate page on the website for it. You can find all the options for getting to Gillette Stadium from Boston here.

Have a great time in Boston, and at the game!


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