How to Get from Black Falcon CruisePort in Boston to Faneuil Hall Marketplace Downtown


Front of Boston's Black Falcon Cruise Terminal

Front of Boston's Black Falcon Cruise Terminal

Front of Boston's Black Falcon Cruise Terminal Sign for Black Falcon Cruise Terminal

We will be arriving at the Black Falcon Cruise Terminal in Boston on a Royal Caribbean cruise ship on May 22nd, and we would like to know the easiest route to a T (subway) or bus to get to Quincy Market in the downtown Faneuil Hall Marketplace from our cruise ship. Please tell us what to do! I couldn't find any information about this on the web. Thanks so much.

Susan's reply: The good new is that getting from Boston's CruisePort to downtown Boston where you'll find Quincy Market, part of the Faneuil Hall Marketplace, along with 3 other interesting buildings, is very easy to do.

As you walk out of the Black Falcon Cruise Terminal, which is located in the South Boston Waterfront neighborhood, you'll see a sign pointing to the stop for the Silver Line, a bus that's part of Boston's T system. The actual stop for it is down at the end of the short road in front of the terminal. I don't think you'll have any trouble finding it, but if you do, just ask someone. You can pay the fare, which is $2 each way, on board to the driver - you should make sure to have the exact change.

Take the Silver Line bus, which will go underground after a certain point, to South Station. Depending on traffic, this should take about 10 minutes. From South Station, the easiest and quickest way to get to Quincy Market / Faneuil Hall Marketplace is to walk - it's slightly more than half a mile, so walking would take maybe 10 minutes if you don't stop along the way to look at things - which personally, I always do.

If you decide to walk, go out of the station to Atlantic Avenue and with your back to the station, go right. You'll be walking along the Rose Kennedy Greenway, which should be full of gorgeous blooming flowers and plants in May. The waterfront will be on your right. In about half a mile, you'll see the Marketplace on your left.

Alternately, if you don't want to walk, you can take the subway from South Station. Unfortunately, only the Red Line connects at South Station, and it doesn't go in the direction of Quincy Market. To get there all the way by T, you'll need to make 2 changes: Take the Red Line from South Station to Downtown Crossing, and switch to the Orange Line; take the Orange Line to State, and switch to the Blue Line; take the Blue Line to Aquarium, and walk back across the Greenway to Quincy Market - now you see why I suggest walking!

Coming back, if you take the Silver Line from South Station, be sure to take the SL2 to get back to the Cruise Terminal.

Have fun in Boston, and best wishes for a wonderful cruise!


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