Exact Location of Midnight Fireworks for Boston First Night Celebration

by Wendy

Glimpse of Harborwalk next to ICA Boston - great viewing spot for Boston's NYE fireworks!

Glimpse of Harborwalk next to ICA Boston - great viewing spot for Boston's NYE fireworks!

Hi Susan-

I know the midnight fireworks for First Night are on the Harbor, but where exactly? I will be using public transporation and would like to know where I need to be going ahead of time.

Thank you-

Happy New Year!

Susan's reply: Hi Wendy - Until you asked, I'd never thought about WHAT part of the Harbor is used to launch the New Year's Eve midnight fireworks because you can see them so clearly from anywhere along the waterfront - so I honestly don't know if they are set off somewhere in the Inner Harbor (the area between Downtown and Logan Airport) or somewhere in the Outer Harbor (where Georges Island and the other Harbor Islands are).

In terms of where to watch them, though, you really can get a great view anywhere along the Downtown Boston and South Boston Waterfront. The fireworks displays are high overhead, so you'll be looking up rather than across, if that makes sense. East Boston, where Logan Airport is, would also be great. I wouldn't try the North End, because anywhere north of Christopher Columbus Park, you might have some obstruction if you're at street level; however, I've heard that the waterfront condos in the North End and even Charlestown have terrific views.

For viewing, we usually head to Harborwalk. The area around the Aquarium is good, because there are lots of open spaces there. Behind Boston Harbor Hotel is also great. Christopher Columbus Park is also good. Also, the South Boston Waterfront has lots of space along Harborwalk, especially around ICA Boston and also farther to the east where all the new restaurants such as Legal Seafood are located.

In terms of subway stations, it depends on where you want to view.

If you're aiming at the South Boston Waterfront, you can take the T to South Station (Red Line) and either walk up the Greenway and across the Moakley Footbridge (I would NOT take the Summer or Congress Street bridges unless there's no wind; we almost froze walking across the Congress St bridge one year) or take the Silver Line to whatever spot you're aiming at - I would be inclined to get off at Seaport/World Trade Center and maybe walk out on Fish Pier.

If you're going to view from the Downtown waterfront, probably Blue Line/Aquarium is most convenient - although if you're on the Orange or Green Line, just get off at Haymarket and walk across the Greenway. Weather this year is supposed to be usually mild - in the 40s - so walking around should be nice.

Have fun! And Happy New Year!

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