Cost for Cab, Bus, or Subway from Boston's Black Falcon Cruise Terminal to Logan and Downtown Boston

by Sally

Boston Water Taxi

Boston Water Taxi

Boston Water Taxi Rose Kennedy Greenway Fountain - Where the Central Artery Used to Be !!!

I've looked at the transportation site, but am unclear as to answer, so thank you for answering the following: what is the cost to go from the Black Falcon cruise terminal to Logan airport by water taxi-by subway-by bus?

As we're doing a 2nd cruise where we'll be in Boston for the day, what is the cheapest way and cost to get from the Black Falcon cruise terminal to downtown to see Boston.

Thank you so much for helping me with these answers.

Sally Clemmer

P.S. I look forward to seeing Boston again after 20 years - your site is FANTASTIC - lots of good info!!!

Susan's reply: Thanks so much for your compliments about BostonDiscoveryGuide! I'm glad the info is helpful - I love putting it together.

Here are answers to your questions:

1) Getting from the Black Falcon Cruise Terminal to Logan Airport by water taxi costs $20 per person each way. The service is on demand, so all you need to do is call a water taxi company to request a pickup from the Terminal. You can find phone #s for all 3 water taxi services here. I believe that all of them provide service to the Black Falcon Terminal now. Transit time is about 10 minutes, assuming they go direct.

What gets a little confusing is that water taxi service (same companies) to the Downtown waterfront from Logan is only $10 - that's to Long Wharf (near the Aquarium) or Rowe's Wharf (near the Boston Harbor Hotel), depending on the water taxi service. That's fine for anyone staying in a downtown Boston hotel, but less convenient if you're at Black Falcon and/or have luggage.

2) Getting to the airport from the cruise terminal by subway: One of Boston's biggest bargains - only $2. What you do is to take the Silver Line (SL2)from the Cruise Terminal (you'll see signs for the pick-up point - it's about 200 feet from the Terminal) to South Station, and then switch to the SL1 Silver Line to go to the airport. To pull up information about it from the MBTA website, google "silver line to boston logan airport" - but keep in mind that the times they show are only a guess - actual times depend on traffic. Transit time from the Terminal to South Station is about 8-10 minutes (or maybe less), and from South Station to the Airport is about 25 minutes.

Two more tips: 1) the Silver Line looks like a bus but it's considered part of the subway system because it goes underground at one point, 2) be sure to have exact change for the $2 because the drivers don't always have a lot of change.

3) Bus - there's not a bus from the Cruise Terminal to the Airport, unless you count the Silver Line (which does look like a bus).

4) Getting from the Black Falcon Cruise Terminal to Downtown Boston - the cheapest, fastest, and easiest way is to take the subway (called the "T" here). By that, I mean the Silver Line (which will look like a bus) - $2 per ride. Take it to South Station (and remember that when you come back, you'll want the SL2 line), and from there, walk.

Since you haven't been here for 20 years, you'll need a good map as much has changed. Either print out good-sized Google maps of the areas you're interested in, or you can download the Freedom Trails tour map, which covers most of downtown - a link to it is on the Freedom Trail page, in the Freedom Trail Tours section.

If you remember Boston from 20 years ago, you'll be stunned by how much some areas have changed. The biggest is that the awful Central Artery is now buried underground, and has been replaced by the Rose Kennedy Greenway, which is a gorgeous park stretching from Chinatown to the North End, and also an entertainment area of sorts (big addition this summer: 12 gourmet food trucks where local chefs are delivering very tasty treats). From South Station, you can pick it up easily - just walk about half a block in the direction of the city. Go left to explore the Chinatown area, which is gorgeous, or go right and walk all the way up to Faneuil Market and the North End - both of which used to be fairly inaccessible.

Also, right by the water is now a public walkway called "Harborwalk" - some areas wind around a bit, but it's a great way to explore the waterfront.

Another big change from 20 years ago is that almost the entire Theatre District has been restored.

Oh, one more thing - the South Boston Waterfront area, which is what the SL2 bus/subway will take you through on the way to South Station, has had an explosion of development - new hotels, a new museum, at least a dozen or more new restaurants, shops, etc.

Hope this helps - enjoy your day here, and your cruises!


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