Boston Weather for July 4th Fireworks

by Wendy

What if it rains?...Would Boston's July 4th fireworks be cancelled? - Thanks, Wendy

Susan's reply: Hi Wendy - Weather is the big question in everyone's mind today! Just a little rain with no thunder and lightening isn't a problem - the fireworks will go on as usual. Everyone watching may get wet, but it's summer...wet could feel good after a long day in the July heat!

Thunder and lightening are a different story, though. Lightening as well as strong winds would definitely pose a danger to those setting off the fireworks on the barges in the Charles River, and spectators along the river banks.

Steve MacDonald, spokesperson for Boston 4th Productions which coordinates the show, has been quoted as saying in regard to canceling the show, "We will consult with our weather forecasters and a team of public safety officials before any decision is made.. . . . As always, the main thing is public safety. We are not going to endanger the public.”

He has also been quoted as saying that any decision to cancel would be at the last minute.

The good news is that at this moment (about 10:30 am on the 4th), weather forecasters are predicting that the biggest chance of rain or thunderstorms is this morning and even early afternoon, with clearing weather later in the day. Looking around right now, all I see are fluffy white clouds and gorgeous sky - although of course this is Boston, where the weather can change in what seems like an instant. But so far, it's looking good!

Happy 4th!


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