Boston Nightlife - Closing Times and Transportation Options

by Tom

Musicians outside Paradise Rock Club near Boston University

Musicians outside Paradise Rock Club near Boston University

I'm going to be visiting Boston in June with my friends from college. We're going to a concert at Bank of America Pavilion and then we want to stop by a few clubs in Allston near BU to hear more music. We know we can take the T out to BU, but we've heard that it shuts down before the clubs close. Tell us it's not true! But if it is, what's the best way to get back to our hotel? We're staying at the Seaport Hotel near the BoA Pavilion.

Thanks, Tom

Susan's reply: It's true - the T (Boston's subway) shuts down at least an hour before most bars do.

Although Boston nightlife continues in many locations until last call at 2pm, the T stops running between midnight and 1am, depending on the station. 

Fortunately, Boston's compact size means that most centrally located hotels are an easy walk from downtown nightlife venues.  However, both your hotel and the clubs that you mentioned are outside of Downtown Boston, and you'll have a long walk back - about 4 miles - if you stay at the club until it closes.

Here are a few options:

- Take a taxi - cost will be higher than the T, but the trip back to your hotel will be faster than walking.

- If your reason for going to the clubs near BU is that you're looking for great music and a college-aged crowd, consider the Central Square area of Cambridge instead - try TT the Bear's and the Middle East. Getting back to your hotel will still be a hike if you stay out past midnight, but at least it's only about 2 miles instead of 4 - and a shorter cab ride if you take that option.

- Leave the clubs around midnight in order to take the T back to your hotel; once you get back to the South Boston Waterfront, join the crowds enjoying the bars along Northern Ave overlooking Boston Harbor More about the South Boston Waterfront Nightlife

Hope this helps! Have a great time in Boston and enjoy the concert - Bank of America Pavilion is such a great spot for summer concerts.


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