Boston Harbor Fireworks on New Year's Eve

by Ruby

First Night Fireworks

First Night Fireworks

Will I be able to view the midnight Boston Harbor Fireworks if I'm at the Boston Common? Thanks, Ruby

Susan's reply: Hi Ruby - Although the fireworks go fairly high up the air, I'm not sure how much you'll be able to see from Boston Common because of all of the tall buildings between the Common and the Harbor. If you want to view the fireworks from this area, go to the part of the Common with the highest elevation near the Massachusetts State House on Beacon Street, or even cross Beacon Street and walk over to the sidewalk next to the State House. Because of the tall buildings of the Financial District, you'll probably be able to see just the top of the display.

However...if you're on the Common, especially near the State House, you can easily walk down to the waterfront - probably only about a 10 minute walk, if you don't dawdle along the way (which I always do). Along the waterfront, you'll find lots of great viewing spots.

From the corner of the Common across from the State House (corner of Beacon and Park Streets), walk down Beacon Street toward the waterfront (i.e., away from the Common). Beacon Street becomes School Street, which you probably won't notice as the signs aren't that visible. Continue down Beacon/School Street (you'll pass the XV Beacon Hotel on your left and the Omni Parker House Hotel on your right) until you hit Washington Street, where School Street ends in front of King's Chapel. Depending on how you count, this is about 3-4 blocks from Boston Common. At Washington Street, turn left and walk a block to State Street. Turn right on State Street, walk past Faneuil Hall Marketplace (this is where I usually begin to dawdle) straight down toward the water. It's about 6-8 blocks, but they're very short. Cross over the Rose Kennedy Greenway and you'll be at Long Wharf, next to the New England Aquarium. There's a great plaza area behind the Aquarium if it's not too crowded, plus the Greenway itself is an excellent viewing spot.

To get back to the Common after the Fireworks, just reverse your path. There will be tons of people around, and lighting in this area is generally good.

Hope this helps! Have a great New Year's Eve!

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