Boston Event Tickets

Half price, discounts, name your price tickets

What's the best place to buy Boston event tickets for concerts, theater, shows, and sports?  Where can you get the best deals on tickets for Boston events?

Here's what you need to know:  Discount tickets, make-an-offer, last-minute, and even HALF PRICE tickets are available to Boston sports events, concerts, and shows - IF you know where to look.  

I hate to hear about Boston visitors paying full price for tickets when I know they can be obtained at a discount.

Here are my best "insider tips" about where to find the best deals and steals on Boston event tickets.


Tip 1: Find the Best Boston Event Tickets

For many Boston events, tickets for the best seats sell out fast or go to season ticket holders.  But what if you don't decide to attend until the last minute, or want really good seats?  Or even really cheap seats?

TicketLiquidator and AceTickets can save your day!  Like other ticket brokers, TicketLiquidator and AceTickets buy and resell tickets - sometimes for less than face value, and sometimes for more. 

Both TicketLiquidator and AceTickets are fully licensed ticket brokers, and offer great guarantees.  They both usually have excellent selections of great seats for Boston sports, shows, and concerts.  Both are large well-known national companies.

Which one is best?  Depends on what you're looking for. They both usually have lots of good seats at various prices, but different inventory - so check seats and prices at both TicketLiquidator and AceTickets, compare the tickets on offer, and then move fast before someone else beats you to them.

If you're looking for Boston Red Sox tickets, brokers may still be your best bet - but check out other Sox ticket options to be sure. 


Tip 2: Use this TicketLiquidator Discount for Your Tickets

TicketLiquidator already offers some of the best discount ticket deals around, but their special discount code makes their prices even cheaper:  Enter 17FALLTL to get $10 off orders of $350+


Tip 3: Find Discounts on Your Boston Event Tickets with Groupon

Yes, you can find discounted tickets for a huge number of Boston events.  Why pay more when you can get up to a 50% discount or more?

The best source for half-price and discounted Boston event tickets is usually Groupon.

You'll find discounts on almost everything: Boston Red Sox tickets, concerts, theater and shows, movies, festivals, and lots more.

The catch?  Once you see the deal you want, you need to move fast as quantities are always limited. 


Tip 4: Buying Boston Event Tickets through Craig's List? 

Craig's List is where some individuals sell tickets they can't use at the last minute.  Plenty of people buy tickets through Craig's List without issues, but it is an unregulated environment with no guarantees if something goes wrong. 

If you're visiting Boston, think about whether you want to spend your travel time figuring out when and where to meet up with a stranger and hand over cash for tickets.  Think about whether you want to wonder if the tickets are legit . . . and what you'll do if you hand them over at the event's ticket gate, and find out they're not.

Caveat emptor!


Tip 5: Don't be tricked by scalpers

In Boston, "Scalping" means reselling tickets to entertainment and athletic events without a license - and this is illegal all over Massachusetts.   Because scalpers sell tickets without a license, they're operating in an unregulated environment - which means they don't guarantee that the tickets are legit.

Walk around the outside of any sports or concert venue, and you'll hear hawkers saying, "Need tickets?" 

If this happens to you, keep walking. 

Remember, scalpers sell online too - so if you don't recognize the name of the broker, or you don't see anything about a guarantee, or anything else looks fishy, click away fast.



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