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Find out how YOU can access this designer-only mecca for luxury furniture and home decor

Boston Design Center /
Boston Design Center in South Boston Waterfront neighborhood

Imagine . . . almost 100 Boston Design Center showrooms filled with luxury furniture, fabrics, and fixtures . . . waiting for YOUR visit . . .

That's what you'll find at the legendary Boston Design Center (often called the "BDC") located on the South Boston Waterfront near "Cruise Port" (Boston's Cruise Terminal).

If you're shopping for the latest in luxury green furnishings, redecorating your home to match something you saw on New England Dream House or in Architectural Digest, or even just thinking about luxury home decor by top designers, you probably already know that it's hard to find really high-end furnishings in retail stores. 

That's where the Boston Design Center comes in. 

With over 1,200 luxury product lines of furniture, antiques, fine art, fabrics, lighting, wall and floor coverings, tiles, and kitchen and bath products, BDC offers the most extensive selection of home furnishings in New England and is the only New England design center. 

As you can see from the photos, it's absolutely massive.

There's only one catch . . .

Boston Design Center, next to Boston's Cruise Terminal /
Boston Design Center, next to Boston's Cruise Terminal
Photo courtesy of Joe Dunckley

Although Boston Design Center showrooms are open to the general public and you're welcome to come browse, you can't just walk in, fall in love with the perfect Donghia chair or Zaki rug, and buy it.

BDC sells "to-the-trade" only.

What does that mean?  Basically, BDC is a wholesale operation, and sells only to trade professionals such as interior designers, decorators, architects, and others registered with the building.  Many products sold here are custom ordered so that they can be tailored to your specific needs.


How to Shop at Boston Design Center if You're NOT a Design Professional

But if you're not already working with a designer, decorator, or architect, don't worry - you can still buy here, just not directly.  BDC has a couple of terrific programs designed to let you do this. 

Designer on Call matches you up with a designer.  A free hour-long consultation is included so that you can decide if your visions are compatible.  If you're looking for a designer, this can be a good way to find one.

But what if you prefer to make your own decorating decisions?  Plush may be exactly what you need. 

For a relatively modest annual fee, Plush gives you the ultimate "insider status" at BDC. 

Plush is a sweet deal.  You get 4 hours free consultation with a designer, complete freedom to shop, and special pricing included in the annual $275 fee, along with a few other perks. 

If you're visiting Boston from another area, want to explore the best in luxury furnishings and home decor while you're here, and already have a designer back home, see if your designer can make a designer-to-designer reciprocal arrangement with someone at BDC. 

If not, Plush may be ideal for you, especially if you're spending a few days in Boston so that you can take advantage of the complimentary consulting. 

BDC is an incredible resource for top-quality luxury furnishings - but is also one of Boston's best-kept shopping secrets.  Now that you know about it, you can shop here too!

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Map showing Boston Design Center and nearby attractions in the South Boston Waterfront

This map shows the BDC's location next to the Flynn (Black Falcon) Cruise Terminal.



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