Best Boston Seafood Restaurant near Logan Airport

Legal Sea Foods at Terminal B in Boston Logan Airport

Legal Sea Foods at Terminal B in Boston Logan Airport

What are the best Boston restaurants for seafood near Logan Airport? Thanks in advance for your help! - Charles

Susan's reply: Great news - you can find one of the best Boston seafood restaurants right at the airport, and plenty of other excellent choices within a short distance.

The most convenient choice, located in Terminal B at Boston Logan Airport, is Legal Sea Foods, one of the top seafood restaurants in the city and around the country - and despite Legal Sea Foods' national renown, they began here in Boston and continue to be a huge favorite.

Whenever I'm waiting for a flight and need a snack or want some really great food to take on the plane, I head for Legal's. If you're at one of the other terminals, just take the free airport shuttle to Terminal B.

If you have time, you can eat in their restaurant - everything from raw oysters to their famous chowder to a full-blown Fisherman's Platter. They also have a gluten-free menu.

For carry-on, try the popcorn shrimp, fish and chips, or my personal favorite, the lobster roll. You can even get steamed lobster to go - although frankly, I can't imagine eating (or enjoying) this on board.

If you want to venture a little farther afield, Off the Boat (26 Porter Street, East Boston, 617-561-8800) is just a short distance from Logan and reasonably priced - best way to get there is by cab, which should be just a few dollars because it's so close.

The lobster roll here is also terrific but they're known for their Italian seafood specialties. You can get wonderful shrimp and pasta dishes, calamari, and things like grilled octopus that you don't see elsewhere. They also do carryout.

If you have a couple of hours and are feeling adventuresome (and hungry), you can take a water taxi from Logan to just about anywhere along the Boston Harbor waterfront (click the "water taxi" link for find out how to do this). The trip from the airport is only about 10 minutes and about $10 each way (be sure to bring your photo for great shots of the city). This means that many Boston seafood restaurants are now available to you.

What I would recommend is taking the water taxi to Battery Wharf or Burrough's Wharf (see the map on the water taxi page) in the North End, and going to Neptune Oyster (63 Salem Street, 617-742-3474) for fabulously fresh seafood.

Another great choice would be to take the water taxi to the Barking Crab, right on Fort Point Channel. Enjoy a steamed lobster (crack it open with a rock) and perhaps a local beer before your flight!

Check out other Boston restaurants for even more options!

Have you discovered a terrific seafood (or other) restaurant near Logan Airport? Please add a Comment to share your recommendation with fellow travelers!

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