Walking distance from Prudential Center to Quincy Market

Boston's Quincy Market, in early May

Boston's Quincy Market, in early May

Boston's Quincy Market, in early May Boston Skyline showing Prudential Building (near center) Inside Prudential Center shopping plaza in Boston

Is Quincy Market within walking distance from the Prudential Center? And if so, how long of a walk would it be? Thanks!

Susan's reply: Yes, Quincy Market (in the Faneuil Hall Marketplace) is definitely within walking distance of Prudential Center. Coincidentally, I walked between Quincy Market and the Pru today - and back.

I can't give you an exact time because I was with visitors and we stopped at numerous sites along the way both going and coming - but 20 minutes, or maybe a little less, is probably a good estimate if you don't make any detours along the way. Also, that's based on walking down Boylston to Boston Common, and then cutting through the Common to Park Street, crossing over to Tremont Street, and then basically following the Freedom Trail down to Quincy Market.

The photo above of Quincy Market was taken about 2 weeks ago (early May), before trees had started leafing out. I took the skyline view last week - you can see the leaves, finally. The inside photo at Pru Center was taken today at mid-afternoon - you can see how gray the sky looks through the skylights. Temps were in the 40s, with a cold drizzle falling all day. Hope you have better weather when you make the walk!


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