Tulips in the Boston gardens

April 4 - Crocus blooming in Back Bay

April 4 - Crocus blooming in Back Bay

April 4 - Crocus blooming in Back Bay April 25 - Tulips in front garden in Back Bay April 25 - Magnolias along Commonwealth Ave in Back Bay May 25 - Rhododendrons next to Back Bay mansion

Can you tell me how could I find out when the tulips are in bloom in the Boston gardens before I take my family. Thank you.

Susan's responseWhat a great question! Even though today is only March 18, early crocus and other small bulbs have been blooming in Boston for the past couple of weeks - they pushed up through the last of the melting snow. Many more spring flowers should be very evident in Boston gardens in only a few weeks.

Every year is a bit different - but I looked through my photo files and found the photos above, and just a sampling of a much larger number taken in 2008 and 2009. I'll put together a photo gallery with a larger selection from more neighborhoods and the Public Garden this weekend, and will update this message with the url. UPDATE: Here's the Boston spring flowers photo gallery

The photos above were all taken in Boston's Back Bay neighborhood. Usually by the time of the Boston Marathon - third Monday in April - the city is beginning to burst into bloom with magnolias, tulips, daffodils, and azaleas all putting on putting on a magnificent display. Judging by my photos, the magnolias are even better in a week or two, although unfortunately, their bloom time is short.

You can usually see tulips in the Public Garden starting from early April through perhaps early May, although the colors and even selections vary from year to year. The Public Garden dates back to Victorian times, and the flower selections often reflect Victorian fashions, such as lots of colorful foliage plants and unusual bulbs.

By early May, the rhododendrons usually start blooming, and continue into June. They're magnificent. Later in May, peonies and roses join in.

The Public Garden, right in the center of the city, is a great place to see flowers, but you'll see them in plenty of other places too. The Rose Kennedy Greenway has been gorgeous for the past couple of years (I have a great photo of daffodils there that I'll put into the photo gallery). Back Bay, especially along Commonwealth Ave, Beacon Street, and Marlborough Street, is usually spectacular. The South End usually has great displays in window boxes and also the small parks throughout the neighborhood.

On Mother's Day (May 8 for 2011), the Arnold Arboretum has a lilac celebration, as they have a huge collection and they're usually in full bloom in early May. Also check out other garden tours in Boston and Cambridge

Again, thanks for asking this question - you've made me realize that spring is right around the corner!!!


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