Transportation from Quincy Market to the Cruise Terminal

Shoppers at Quincy Market in Boston, MA

Shoppers at Quincy Market in Boston, MA

How do I get from Quincy Market to The Black Falcon Cruise Terminal?

Thanks, Josie

Susan's reply: The fastest and easiest (although also the most expensive) way to get from Quincy Market to the Black Falcon Cruise Terminal is by water taxi. Boston's water taxis service about 20 points along the city's waterfront. One-way trips run about $20, except between Logan Airport and Long Wharf, which is $10. To get service between the Long Wharf, which is the wharf that's closest to Faneuil Market/Quincy Market, just walk out the east entrance of the market, cross the Rose Kennedy Greenway, walk over to Long Wharf next to the Marriott Long Wharf Hotel, and call for a water taxi - phone numbers are on our water taxi page.

You could also take a land taxi. It's hard to estimate how much the fare would be, as it depends on both distance (perhaps about 2 miles) and time (lots of places for traffic to get snarled between Quincy Market and the CruisePort) - but best guess is that including tip, it would be between about $10 and $20. If you want to do this, you should be able to get one fairly easily anywhere around Quincy Market.

Finally, the least expensive way to get to CruisePort from Quincy Market is to take the T (Boston's subway). Walk to the State Street Station (near intersection of Congress Street, which runs behind Quincy Market), and State Street. Take the Orange Line to Downtown Crossing, change to the Red Line, and take it to South Station. Change to the Silver Line and take it to the Cruise Terminal. Fare will be about $2.

Alternately, you could walk down the Greenway to South Station (about a 10-minute walk), and take the Silver Line from there.

Hope this helps!


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