Scarlet's Team - London

by Suzette Abraham
(Walpole MA)

I called my daughter to tell her that The Running of the Brides was taking place in Boston on August 20th 2010. I explained that it was a good opportunity for her to get a dress.

I might not be able to afford to buy her the dress of her dreams, but if I ran the bride for her we would have a million in one chance of finding the dream gown...

My name is Suzette. My daughter Scarlet is getting engaged Sept 25 2010, followed by marriage to Michael Ogunjobi Sept 24th 2011. They both live in London UK. I was born there myself and moved to USA over 10 yrs ago. My children were born there to but were schooled in the USA...

My daughter agreed that it was a good idea. Ashley, one of the Bridesmaids, and her friend Jess got together on the Thursday night before the event. The other two Bridesmaids could not make it. We made t-shirts, talked of our plans and left at approximately 1am to go to the Hynes Convention Center... We arrived there almost 2am, parked, and got in line.

We stayed up all night and watched the lines grow and the buzz get stronger as dawn approached. My daughter was in contact the whole time ... until we ran in.

Our strategy was that we would split into three. One would take either end, the other would find a spot and hold the sign we had made that read: “Scarlet couldn't make it, So Team London is going to Take it" with the English flag waving ... this was bound to grab our attention!

After rounding up 15 dresses and trading, we found it! The dress we chose was a white strapless ball gown, which is absolutely stunning and in her size too - we were lucky...

I called the bride to tell her we got one. It was approx 9.30 am. Imagine that!! "IN and then OUT..... That’s typical of you mum, I was so nervous, but I said to myself, this is my mum and I trust her” said Scarlet.

I hung the dress up and opened it up at home that afternoon - the train was exquisite. I Skyped my Daughter and showed her the dress.... she started to cry.....I knew I had made a good selection...

The true test for me is when she tries it on for the first time. I need her to feel the dress, look at herself in the mirror and feel it.... If that doesn't happen, I will try to purchase a new dress that she wants... But I have confidence that I know my child... she will love this dress. After all, it is her!

Susan's reply: Suzette, what a wonderful story, and what special memories you and your daughter will always have about this day and the beautiful wedding gown! I know you must be looking forward to seeing Scarlet in this dress. Thank you so much for sharing your experience with us - the story is even more beautiful than the dress must be because it's about a mother's love for her daughter!

Best wishes to Scarlet and Michael for a long and wonderful marriage. Perhaps Scarlet will do Running of the Brides someday for her daughter!

All the best,

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Sep 11, 2010
by: Anonymous

I love this story. It is such a touching and thoughtful thing to do. Suzette, I hope Scarlet knows how lucky she is to have such a wonderful mother like you.

Sep 14, 2010
by: Trisha

Absolutly beautiful.. this story brought me to tears.... Thank you for sharing.
Good luck to you Suzette and your daughter on her coming marriage.

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