Running the Charles River Loop - Water Fountain Locations

Charles River Loop - Boston side of the river, on the dirt path next to the Esplanade

Charles River Loop - Boston side of the river, on the dirt path next to the Esplanade

I would like to go for a run around the Charles River when I am there and am wondering if there are water fountains in the area or if I need to plan on carrying water along. I am planning on running from the Science Museum to Arsenal St.


Susan's reply: The Charles River Loop, as this route is called locally, is a great place to run. From the Science Museum in Boston to Arsenal Street in Watertown and back is almost 12 miles, assuming you run on one side of the river going and the other side coming back.

You will find a number of water fountains along the Boston Esplanade stretch, but as far as I'm aware, other parts of the loop do not have a ready water supply, so especially if the day is hot, you'll probably want to bring a bottle.

Here are the water fountains that I know about (and here's a link to a map of the Charles River Loop route in case that helps):

- Lederman Park, near Cambridge St (look for the baseball field)

- Community Boating boathouse (the link takes you to a page where you can see what the CB boathouse looks like)

- An area past the Hatch Shell, where you'll see sort of a landing, a couple of statues, and a snack stand (sorry, don't know what it's called - it's roughly where you'll see "90" on the map

- Boston University's DeWolfe boathouse, near the BU bridge

Hope this helps. Have a great run!

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