How Long to Walk from Boston's Park Plaza Hotel to Restaurants near Pier 4?

We are staying at the Park Plaza Hotel and wish to walk a lot, but we don't have a real fix on how many minutes it would take to walk from our hotel area over to the Pier 4 area where some of the seafood waterfront spots to eat are. Can you give us an estimate? Thanks so much.

Susan's reply: Boston's Park Plaza Hotel is in a wonderfully central location, so you can easily walk over to the South Boston Waterfront neighborhood where Pier 4 and lots of seafood restaurants are located.

As for how long the walk will take...I'm going to hedge a little. I walk fairly fast and could probably cover the distance in 10-12 minutes (allowing time for traffic lights) .... but the reality is that there are lots of interesting things to see along the way. Realistically, you should probably count on 15-25 minutes, or even longer, depending on how many things you look at or photograph along the way.

You can take several routes to get there from your hotel. Going, I'd probably walk up to Boylston St (which borders the Public Garden and Boston Common), and walk east. This takes you along the edge of the Theatre District - lots of interesting side streets to explore!

Boylston turns into Essex, which goes through Chinatown - lots to explore here as well! (as well as some tasty seafood options - I'm addicted to the shrimp dumplings at Windsor Dim Sum - details on my Dim Sum page). At the end of Essex, go through the Chinatown Gate and turn left - you'll be on the Rose Kennedy Greenway. The Chinatown section is one of my favorites.

Go past the InterContinental (this is on Griffin's Wharf where the Boston Tea Party took place - very nice free observation deck here as well) and continue heading up the Greenway until you see James Hook Lobsters (great place for a lobster roll, and only about $12 - if the weather is nice, sit on a bench and enjoy - excellent chowder too - you can find details on my Cheap Eats page).

Just beyond J. Hook are the Seaport Bridge and the pedestrian Moakley Footbridge - walk over either to get to the South Boston Waterfront.

Barking Crab is right there - nice place to kick back with a steamed lobster and a pitcher of beer - and Daily Catch is also nearby - seafood with a Sicilian twist (more details about both on Boston Seafood Restaurants page).

Walk east along Seaport Blvd (which becomes Northern Ave) and you'll pass a number of great places to eat.

Going back to the Park Plaza, I'd probably cross back over the Moakley Footbridge and turn right when I got to the Greenway. Walk north for a bit on the Greenway to see some of the harbor area, and then cut back over toward the city.

Maybe stop by Faneuil Marketplace on the way, or walk along a bit of the Freedom Trail, finally cutting back across the Common and then the Public Garden to your hotel.

This route would probably take 20-30 minutes - if you're reasonably focused about not dawdling.

By the way, the flagship location of Legal Seafood, one of the best seafood restaurants in the area, is right behind the Park Plaza, in Park Square.

Have a wonderful visit to Boston!

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