Getting to the Wilbur Theatre from the Amtrak Station (Boston's North Station)

Wilbur Theatre, one of the top comedy clubs in Boston's Theatre District - located at the corner of Stuart and Tremont Streets, across from the W Hotel Boston

Wilbur Theatre, one of the top comedy clubs in Boston's Theatre District - located at the corner of Stuart and Tremont Streets, across from the W Hotel Boston

Question: We're taking the train from Maine to Boston for the Wilbur Theatre. What station do we get off the train?

Susan's response: If you're coming from Maine, you'd be on the Downeaster, right? I think that's the only service from Maine to Boston at this point. All Amtrak train service from Maine has North Station as its Boston end point, so you'd have to get off the Downeaster at North Station.

At this point, you have two choices for getting to the Wilbur Theatre: You can either take the Green Line subway (we call it the "T") directly from North Station to the closest T stop near the Wilbur, which is the Boylston St. station, or you can walk.

If you take the Green Line, the Boylston stop is at the corner of Boylston and Tremont, so all you have to do is walk a couple of blocks to the Wilbur - very easy.

If you decide to walk...I think it's probably about a 10-15 minute walk to the Wilbur Theatre from North Station, and you pass through interesting areas. I'd probably head down the Rose Kennedy Greenway until about North Street (where the Millennium Bostonian Hotel is), turn right onto North Street, zigzag through Faneuil Hall Marketplace, and cut over to Tremont Street and on to the Wilbur...actually, I walked almost exactly this same path a couple of weeks ago and it took about 10 minutes to get from Faneuil Market to near the Wilbur, so another 5 minutes from North Station should be about right. Obviously, you'd want a good map - easiest would be to google "North Station map," slide the map around a bit to include the Wilbur Theater, and print the page.

If I've misunderstood what train line you're coming on and you're somehow coming in from the west into South Station, then you would get off at South Station itself and walk (I'd probably take Kneeland Street, which becomes Stuart Street) the few blocks over to the Wilbur.

You probably already know this ... but Boston has 2 main train terminals - North Station and South Station. They don't connect by rail, nor do they connect directly by subway, so if you come in to Boston on a train that has one as its terminal point and need to get to the other, there's no train connection nor is there a direct subway connection, although you can change trains (Red to Green Line) at Park Street.

Have a great time at the show at the Wilbur!


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