Directions to Boston's Liberty Hotel from Onyx Hotel

by Nikki Fox
(New Zealand)

Onyx Hotel, near TD Garden in Boston

Onyx Hotel, near TD Garden in Boston

Onyx Hotel, near TD Garden in Boston Corner of the Liberty Hotel in Boston, November 2010 Famous Boston Sports Bar near TD Garden Window Display in Charles Street Shop on Boston's Beacon Hill

Could you advise the best and safest way to get to Hotel Liberty in Boston from the Onyx hotel in Boston?


Susan's reply Hi Nikki - Glad to - getting from Boston's Onyx Hotel to the Liberty Hotel is very easy - about a 10 minute walk. From the Onyx, you can cut through Valenti Way, the small lane almost directly across from the hotel, to Merrimac Street (you may want to look at the map near the bottom of hotels near TD Garden to see what I'm talking about).

Turn right on Merrimac Street, and after 2 short blocks, you'll come to Staniford Street. Make a left, and walk the short distance to Cambridge Street, where you'll turn right. Walk for 5 blocks, and you'll see the Liberty Hotel on the left, tucked away between Mass General Hospital and quite a few trees.

If you're going at night, you might want to not cut through on Valenti Way, but instead make a right out of the Onyx and walk a couple of blocks to Causeway Street, which almost immediately becomes Staniford Street - not because Valenti Way is unsafe at night, but because it may not be well lit.

As you probably know, the Onyx is very near to TD Garden, the big sports/entertainment arena where our Boston Bruins (ice hockey) and Boston Celtics (basketball) play. Massachusetts General Hospital as well as a bunch of other medical institutions and research centers, plus a number of rather massive government buildings are in this area. There tend to be lots of people walking around day and night, and as far as I'm aware (and I'm in the area myself fairly frequently) the area between the 2 hotels is perfectly safe. The only thing I would alert you about is that when the Bruins win a game, the fans can get rather, um, exuberant, as there are a number of sports bars in this neighborhood. If our crazy Bruins fans make you uneasy in any way, just take a cab to the Liberty Hotel - ditto if it's pouring rain. The hotels can call the cab for you.

This is a very interesting neighborhood, with lots of small places to eat (even the sports bars serve better than average pub food), especially along Cambridge St.

On the other side of Cambridge Street is Beacon Hill, the best historically preserved part of the city. You can walk down the main street (Charles Street - almost exactly across from the Liberty Hotel) to the Boston Public Garden, and then to Back Bay.

Also, near your hotel on the other side Causeway/Staniford, about 100 yards down on Lomassey Way, is the West End Museum, which has lots of photos and artifacts from this neighborhood before much of it was razed in the 1950s to make way for the massive government buildings and apartment complexes that you'll see. Admission is free, and it's interesting to see.

Have a great time in Boston!


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