Boston Hotel Rates

How much will a hotel room cost you in Boston?

Wondering how much you'll spend for a good night's sleep in Boston?

Boston hotel rates can be sky-high, like in other big cities. 

But you can also find some big bargains among hotel rates in Boston - even for some of the finest luxury hotels!

I'll show you where to find some excellent inexpensive hotels, and even some Boston hotel discounts and special packages. 

These savings can add up to make a Boston vacation very affordable.

To provide you with a quick way to compare rates among Boston hotels, I show rate ranges ($, $$, $$$). 

Hotel Rate Ranges
$ Less than $150
$$ Between $150 - $300
$$$ Over $300

These ranges are based on the typical weekend rate for a standard room (usually big enough for at least 2 people) during Boston's most expensive season: summer. 

During other seasons, you can usually get better hotel rates - of course, you may also get less pleasant weather!  

Weekday and weekend rates rates also differ for many hotels. 

How can you find the biggest savings?  Be flexible!

I do my best to keep these ranges accurate and up-to-date but hotel rates may change at any time - so always verify the rate yourself.

Keep in mind that certain events - examples include the Boston Marathon in April and college graduations in May and June - cause Cambridge and Boston hotels rates to skyrocket.  You'll find the best and most affordable rates by making your hotel reservations early.

These hotel rate ranges do not include taxes (which you must pay) or tips (which are optional).  Boston and Cambridge hotel tax rates are 12.45%

Parking at most city hotels is expensive.  Daily parking rates of $35 - $42 are not unusual.  If you have to bring a car, ask your hotel if they can recommend off-site parking options at a lower cost.  

Be sure to check out my suggestions for how and where to find inexpensive Boston hotels.

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