Boston Food Gift Suggestions

Give a taste of Boston

Boston food gift assortments make perfect gifts for lots of different occasions - everything from holidays like Christmas and New Year to hostess gifts and teacher gifts.  After all, who doesn't like something edible? 

Hopefully, you'll get lots of ideas from the Boston food gift suggestions on this page.  Most are made by local Boston-area companies.  You'll find old-fashioned favorites as well as newer treats.

Boston beverages also make fun gift items.  I've also included selections of favorite local beverages from Boston's Best Coffee and the British company that shipped the tea involved in the Boston Tea Party.


Boston Best's International Sampler makes a perfect gift for coffee lovers.  The attractive suitcase-shaped box contains 24 packets that will produce 10 - 12 cups each of six of the different Boston Best coffee favorites. 

Back in the days of the American Revolution, Bostonians may have preferred tea - but today, coffee fuels the city.

Give one of these Boston Best coffee samplers as host/hostess gift the next time you attend a dinner party - or send one to your brother for a Christmas gift.

Local company Dancing Deer makes some of the best cookies and other baked goodies that you can imagine.  This Molasses Clove Cookie Gift Box presents one of their classic favorites, and makes a perfect gift for any occasion.

Dancing Deer also makes other wonderful food gift items - a fabulously delicious Pumpkin Spice Pancake and Waffle Mix , the Lemon Daisy Shortbread Cookies , and the too-tempting Chocolate Chunk Brownie Gift Box to name just a few!

This zesty Boston food gift assortment is perfect for barbeque fans.  

The gift box contains an assortment of local products, including Uncle Mike's Hot Salsa and Hot Sauce, Chicama Vineyards Raspberry Wine Vinegar, Bloody Mary Mix from Boston's Cheer's Bar (that's to quench the thirst of the the barbeque chef), award-winning Ipswich Ale Mustard, and more.

Boston Fruit Slices are as close as you can get to real fruit while still being candy.  Each type of  "fruit" has a different flavor, and perfectly combines tartness with sweetness. 

These are perfect for teacher gifts - or anytime that you need a small thank-you gift or treat for someone special.

Isn't this Boston Mug of Candy terrific? 

Filled with local classics like Boston Baked Beans (aka candy-covered peanuts), Gummy Lobsters, Necco Wafers (originally made next door in Cambridge), and more - plus the Red Sox mug.

This Boston Harbor gift box of fine tea is offered by England's oldest tea merchant, Davison, Newman, & Company, founded in 1650. 

Why is an English company's tea on a Boston food gift list?  Well . . . it was their tea that was tossed into the harbor by the Sons of Liberty during the Boston Tea Party in 1774. 

This is the perfect teacher gift - and for anyone who loves history - or tea!

You'll give a taste of Boston when you send this gift basket of local goodies. 

It contains some of the city's best-loved treats - Dancing Deer cookies, chocolate covered cranberries, coffee from Boston's Best Coffee, tea from the Boston Tea Party Company, New England Clam Chowder, and more. 

This could be the perfect gift for your in-laws who moved to Florida and miss the flavors of home (even if they gloat about no more shoveling).

This Boston food gift basket is slightly smaller (and less expensive) than the one above - a perfect size for informal gift occasions.

Send one to each of your company's best customers to thank them for all their business this year.


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